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Official site: http://sleepytimegame.tumblr.com/

Sleepy Time is a rhythm game about depressed people trying to sleep.

Purchase Downloadable Bundle (2$): http://kayabros.itch.io/sleepy-time-downloadable

The purchase includes: Downloadable version of Sleepy Time for Windows, the Sleepy Time Soundtrack and the Into The Box Soundtrack.

Soundtrack: http://talhakaya.bandcamp.com/album/sleepy-time-soundtrack

Sleepy Time is a rhythm game about depressed people trying to sleep.
Sleepy Time is a psychedelic adventure into the minds of depressed people.
Sleepy Time is a game.
Sleepy Time.

It's not suitable for children. Includes penises. Lotsa penises. Trust me.

Game features:

6 songs to play

Dialogues between clay statues








Sleepy Time is developed by Kayabros.


Oh man oh man oh man. This is so neat. I've battled depression and severe anxiety since I was twelve (19 today, only rexently diagnosed with bpd) and this game. This frickin game. Not only is the music good, but it's so /true/. It's just so real, and honest, and brutal. I /know/ this game. I've known it since I was twelve, ya feel?

Also, the statues' discussions are so intriguing. Gonna go listen to the soundtrack now. Thank you so much for Sleepy Time.

I just came across this game (no pun intended), and it's absolutely beautiful.

it's good

Yo, this is highly underrated. I, personally, was diagnosed with chronic depression, generalized anxiety disorder, suffering from manic episodes and bipolar disorder from around the age of thirteen. On top of that I also had ADHD which more than likely contributed to my anxiety issues and also caused my mind to constantly delve from one bad thought to the next.

I know depression, is my point.

I used to cut as well, I haven't for a few months but the way my life I wouldn't be surprised if I tried to commit suicide for the third time over. I had terrible self esteem issues, and I relate to the yellow character in that I had this voice in my head always putting me down, condescendingly labelling me pathetic no matter what I did and I felt, in fact at the time KNEW, I was to fault for everything happening. I have had my fair share of suicidal thoughts and actions, and reckless, bipolar motives; I'm barely verging into adulthood.

I think this is only rated so lowly because the people rating it this way do not understand it. Depression is something only it's unfortunate victims understand, and those victims have to put up with the ever-ignorant scrutiny of the ones who force their beliefs upon others.

I'm fucked up - but the world is fucked up.

Keeping to the agenda, this is a very deep game. It feels like an accurate representation of the workings of a depressed person's mind, with noticeable symptoms of either schizophrenia or split personality disorder but either way it feels weird.

The clay dialogue that undermines the player and the voices in the songs insulting me remind me of the lows I have experienced - but, in a strange, indescribable way it feels almost comforting that someone out there fully comprehends the interesting state of mind of a person faced with depression; and if I do say so myself, you have portrayed this thought-provoking concept in a beautifully perfect and complex story that breathes the very soul of self-hatred and anxiety-- putting the poor souls burdened by it at rest as though they had a common companion to share the palpable weight.

tl;dr: This is fucking amazing.

Yours sincerely,
Ninth Pelican

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talhakaya responds:

Hello NinthPelican,

First of all thank you very much for your awesome comment. It really made my day.

I'm very sorry for the terrible challenges that you had to face through your life. I hope things will be easier from now on.

It's a very special feeling to connect with someone like you, who's been through a lot, and hear that this game is a realistic representation of the process.

I'll message you to give you something. Please check that out. I also shared this comment on our facebook and twitter accounts, I hope that's okay. Thank you so much for playing. You made the development of this game all worth while.

- Talha

Works for what it intends perfectly. Most things I could criticise: the graphics, the score's droll miasma, subject matter, etc, they all in fact work to the message's advantage. If I could criticise anything it'd be the length and the addition of the mother as both seemed like a distraction to its poignancy given its placing here at Newgrounds but these aren't unreasonable. Did I just mention poignancy? Yes I did, and why? Why just look at this very comment section, truly the best and most apt part of the game. Meanwhile gameplay-less tit clickers that have been here half the time have three times as much review and larger ratings. Art game, 5 Stars!

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talhakaya responds:

Thank you very much for your lovely and thoughtful words.

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Apr 27, 2014
4:15 PM EDT