The Huntress

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A mysterious and possibly dangerous creature is rumored to exist in these waters. You have been tasked with investigating these rumors. Probe the creature to determine it's threat level by running into it. You have NO WEAPONS. Good luck!

Arrow keys to move.

Letter from Developer: This game was made for Ludum Dare 48 - Number 29. As such, there is rather a lot lacking in this game. Things I wanted to add like lighting, combat, other creatures that moved and bumbled around, on screen gui(!) and stuff like that. While there's a LOT of stuff you can do in 48 hours, there's also a LOT of stuff you can do in 48 hours. Like, looking up stuff you don't know how to do and the like. Which, is where a majority of my time went. I do admit, however, that the map is too large. But I wanted it like that to represent the vastness of the ocean deep. And I thought, what better way then with a large huge map? As time got shorter and shorter, so did the feature list. I cut and cut and cut and cut until I had what I had. I honestly don't blame you for judging the game harshly. That's fine. Yeah the game could have x y and z, but please bear in mind the constraints I was under. Anyways. The creature can be found in 3 spots. For the easiest, I suggest you go straight ahead. Thank you for playing.

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I swam through that giant, endless ocean with nothing in it, for over a half hour, and all I get is an anticlimax?

While I did wonder what was making the screen shake, and took quite a while looking, this game is ultimately boring. Perhaps if there was something to look at, or at least a way to track your position since it seems the "ocean" went on forever. Also, it could have been my speakers, but I did not hear any sound, and it only added to dullness of the whole experience. Perhaps add some dialog that helps guide the player, or at least fill in the vast emptiness of the gameplay with a story that makes people want to keep looking. Either way, something really feels missing.

I swam through about 30 screens and nothing happens except the screen "shaking" every now and then. I don't really see the point...

This is really boring, on my opinion.

Suggestions :
add music
Add narrations/ detailed storyline
Make the anvil (or whatever) a person/animal
As you find the monster, have it so it takes you somewhere or something interesting.

I have to say there is a lot of work this game needs. First off game play is boring there is no underwater life or sound. Also add in a map so we can see where we are at and where we been. Also add an indicator to tell us if we are getting closer to the target. Also shrink the board down a bit it's way too big. If you work on this game a bit more and add more content then this game will be great.

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1.44 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2014
2:03 PM EDT
Adventure - Other