Another FPS Shooter Test

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With and extreme special thanks to jeoong94(SEE HIS CONTENT ON DA), we managed to make together another fps shooter. I made the graphics and animation and jeoong94 did the AMAZING scripting!

If there is any glitches(there shouldn't be), let me know!

Honestly, I just wanted to get this out of my hair so I can work more on my animation for YouTube, so this thing was actually pretty rushed.

Just to let you know, the "LOAD" thing at the top is for getting the 3 secret guns in the game. I'm not telling you the secret codes because it's secret! ;)

So yeah, enjoy...

Type in "g11" for an G11.
Type in "m4a1" for an M4A1.
Type in "usp" for a HK USP.
Type in "famas" for the default FAMAS F1.


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few notes number 2:
the gun gotta follow the mouse
fix lag
make a CHOOSE WEAPONS list from the biggening
AND DONE...lol

Few notes:
1. Blood place does not represent where I shot guys.
2. You don't have to hit enemies to kill them - it's enough to hit their bounding box.
3. No holes in walls.
4. Strange blood splat impulse.
5. Blood is too much blurred.
6. Needs particle system.

Other than that game idea isn't much original, but somebody can like it anyway. Sounds and animations look good. Anyway it might be interesting to see what we can see in future.

Not bad! In fact, I like it! Only problem is that the borders for the game itself are outside of Newgrounds's given borderlines. Also, try to add a crate maybe so the player can take cover while he's reloading; I barely made it through with enough health to sustain one last bullet (but then again, this game is in Beta so that's understandable).

Really love to see where this goes. Keep it up. :)

Pretty nice, I kept shooting them in the legs but it showed i shot them in the head.

The engine is really cool, and the graphics are awesome. However, shooting is very laggy for some reason. I hope you can fix that, and that this might become a great shooter someday.

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4.04 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2014
3:48 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person