Pico's Nightmare

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Fuck the time! xD!
I Don't have time, just play the game xD!
This game is SS (short & shit), sorry I had more ideas and things to do but I started late the project, I work in this just 20 days :/
in a while... I ... asdasddaksflk

Send me a MP or review your thoughts, Please! that is what I like xD!

menn I'm so weird ... :(:/:0

mmm... the people said that this game is good, that is good for my if the people like this game I'm happy, yeah!

[Play the whole game is short!! (5 min)] You will be surprised (? or not realy but maybe yes????? xD!

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Great game the story was cool but could not find 2nd twin please help and the game difficulty was great

It could be better but im not complainging. one tip: hold the fire button dont shoot it one by one. otherwise its easy to get the medals.

It isn't all that great but its funny and has great potential. i liked south park joke about Kenny the most.

Eh...it leaves something to be desired. Not a lot of payoff, but okay as an homage. Either way, better than I could do in 20 days.