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Escape Plan:High Rise

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You wake up in a high rise! You like the building, but you know that you need to get out of here because you don't know who took you here or why. So you need to find a way out of this building before anything bad happens to you! Go through the rooms, find the clues and solve puzzles if you want to get out of here!

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Level 2.... Bottom right hand corner, there is a small tile on the floor you use to fix the missing tile. I had trouble finding this myself.
I got stuck on level 3. Said that stupid vent was too high, did everything to make myself get up there... said its SCREWED SHUT, WTF!?! I dont have a screwdriver, so how do I open this! Clicked on everything, tried everything, nothing happened! A walkthrough would be nice. Whatever, you get 3 stars for that. =\

level two bottom left corner theres a tile close to to the door there is a missing tile

Chinnaa802 there is a missing tile. Try to found it.

The lock in the paint room is a bit strange to figure, we don't have the base of how high or low are the levers. It turs that lock trial and error.

Nice job, i have fun =)

love this lol

how do i get past the second level, i cleaned the mustard, picked up the pepper, threw away the cup and mopped up the mess. im missing one thing but i cant figure it out. other than that good game