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RWA- Holiday

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Full Title: Robotnik's Weird Adventures

Gentlemen...BEHOLD! I have created the ultimate Easter tradition!

Once again, another parody of the Dr. Weird segments from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Dr. Robotnik intends to celebrate a holiday. Madness ensues.

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I enjoyed this.

It's pretty apparent that everyone involved with this project also celebrated 420 and not just on 4/20 either.

Can't recall Robotnik being this awesome

lmao, wasn't expecting that final comment. I thought his Potbot booth turning from expected chamber of intoxication to inventive weapon of mass destruction was the big twist. But... was all that an illusion?! :O Also kinda strange he wouldn't know about Easter with them bunny ears he's wearing... but small details aside this was good fun. Keep it going!


Pot day mofakas!