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Awaken:Underwater Odyssey

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LX-76 Slayer 10 Points

Defeated the boss of first level

Unscratched 50 Points

Finish the level without beign killed

Author Comments

Underwater shmup, whitch takes place in far future on Neptune planet. In full game player will be able to upgrade his ship between mission in dock of Leviathan class mother ship and more.

X - toggles autofire
SPACE - to launch torpedo
WSAD of ARROWS - move around

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this is to slow paced for me a little faster would be cool

Background makes it hard to see enemies and projectiles.

Tryzna responds:

Thanks for the tip, hope i ll manage to fix this issue in next version. Perhapch check the gameplay teaser, game changed quite a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRWybdRpY4A

Not a bad game, but the baddies are too small and too hard to see against the background. The back ground is nicely animated, but a distraction and makes gameplay hard on the eyes. Resolve this and it would be an awesome game!

Tryzna responds:

Thanks for your opinion, definetly ideas worth to think about when designing and redesigning enemies.

This was a pretty awesome game. I love the Inception-style music and the saturated clouds in the background. As for improvements, a more visual health system would definitely be useful, and maybe some glow around enemies and certain projectiles (like the enemy torpedos) that make them easier to spot. They don't all stand out as well from the background as they could. Controls are pretty good, though I don't think I'd mind a little faster movement. Looking forward to the final thing!


Tryzna responds:

Hello Cyberdevil, i agree with you, hud ll be reworked a little so the shield status will be better visible and same aplies to some of the enemy bullets. Ship movement is question of priorities, as players ll be able to make it faster by purchasing better propulsion in dock of Leviathan mothership or would they buy rather bigger gun instead?I ll leave these decisions to players;-)
Thanks for review!


I'm probably not the best pilot, but the lack projectiles are so hard to dodge at times, because you don't see them at times. It could use a health bar too. I have this idea where the ship changes its form according to damage multiplayer. You could add different models of ships for the player to choose from by making him earn them. For example : kill a thousand of ships CRAB type. (I know its crazy), and you get a Crab shaped ship.

I like the sounds and the music. Maybe add some weapon power ups, and shield power ups. Just slamming ideas. I know it's massively difficult to code all of that. So, I'm not expecting this to ever happen. Anyway, epic game! When it's finished it's gonna rank very high on this site. I'm sure of it.

Tryzna responds:

Actualy most of the things you are suggesting will happen, as you ll be docked at Leviathan mother ship between the missions and you ll be able to upgrade your ship between the missions;-) However no additional ship types for players to control for now. Its my first game(if not counting simple attempts 20yrs ago on my atari) and im trying make it as simple as possible for now.
However thanks for playing and your opinion!

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2014
1:49 AM EDT

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