Rascal Ninja

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You are Rascal Ninja, a nice guy who just wants to learn all ninja doctrines of the world by just stealing their scrolls! Run, jump and climb through 100 levels and try to not kill anybody on your journey, or better yet, try to not be detected! Use your shurikens to grab scrolls far away from you and fool your enemies with your shadow copy technique!

A/D or Arrows: Move
A/D or Arrows Twice: Run
S or Down Arrow while Running: Slide
L or Left Ctrl: Jump
K or Space (+ direction): Shuriken
S or Down Arrow (press for 2s): Shadow Copy
W or Up Arrow (press for 2s): Invisibility
ESC: Stage Select / Title Screen / Menu

You can also double jump, wall jump and hide behind bushes and fog or underwater. And your shurikens can grab scrolls far away and bring them to you.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rascalninja

By Rafael C. Pinto

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I love this game. I love the way you get rewarded for not killing the bad guys and the creative ways to get the scrolls in each level. Awesome game! :)

This is a very fun and creative game. You must utilize your ninja skill's wisely to obtain the scrolls.
Hopefully in the future this game will have more features.

-Ninja Customization ( A lot of people love making the game feel unique to them, so add customization)
-More Ninja Tools (Smoke bombs, etc. Look up "Tenchu Shadow Assassins" for good references)
-Larger Levels

These are just my opinions.

Very nice! =D

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4.01 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2014
7:42 PM EDT