Outlaw's Escape

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You were taking your time robbing a bank. But suddenly you head a sound. They found you. Sherif was outside. What could you do? You took everything you can carry and went back through the hole you dug. It leads to a near by saloon. Thankfully the passage caved in behind you so they weren't able to follow you. But you're still trapped. You need to find a way for you and the money to leave unnoticed.

Use your wit and explore the saloon, to find means for your escape.

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Pretty good game but the "coded rewards" on the wanted poster really didn't make sense to me (nice mugshot, BTW!) and were pretty illogical to begin with. I did LOL at the lasso being in the piano, since even the protagonist was baffled at how it got there. Also, the locations of some items like the dynamite and bullets were a bit inexplicable and a few of the puzzles (piano/morse code, poker board/wanted poster) were really hard to figure out not to mention their purpose to the barkeep were inexplicable as well. Finally, why did the outlaw rob a bank WITHOUT any bullets in his gun? That's pretty stupid of him especially during a time like the Wild West, which actually isn't as wild as many people picture in their minds come to think of it. Otherwise, great job with making this game.

is that really a picture of you? it's perfect! Very Richard Castle.

I agree with some of the comments below that the piano and cashier puzzles were ridiculously hard to solve without the walk through. First, I couldn't relate the Morse code with the black and white piano key pads. Second, the colour clues on the poster was rather vague and the chips on the table looked like a set of four rather than five. I feel dizzy after completing the game. e.e;

cool!!! after seeing the walkthrough................

I played through and beat the game, and then read through a few comments to find out why this game has a relatively low score. I have to agree with some reasons, and disagree with others.

- Contrary to several opinions I read, the piano and poker puzzles were brilliantly thought out. It seems to me most who disliked them felt as such because of the difficulty, but it has been a long time since I've seen such rational and multi-faceted puzzles. I would give more detail, but anything more would be a severe spoiler.
- The level of graphic detail given to the game was impressive, and I didn't find any bugs.

- The game was too short and not nearly large enough. One room barely counts. This has a lot of room for improvement, but it's also worth it.
- I was looking for a carrot, not a lasso! (tongue in cheek)

Overall, good game, but could be so much better.

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3.43 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2014
8:45 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 5th Place April 19, 2014