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Toons These Days: Ep 28

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As production has been cut short on Toons These Days, I'm just going to dump all the episodes that are already done here.
If you'd like to see the other episodes, they are on my Youtube page:

Also, this is the last episode to feature Conroy that I'll post here.

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yea coming from a kid

There are too many of these types of video's these days

Pfft guess your right about the cartoon Fishhooks....
I think the show adorable but to the points you said about it is all tricking true....
We'll anyway I hope to see more of this series of yours, Doodley.
This is the first episode I ever watched of this funny reviews series or did I see it before on YT???
Idk lol but I'm happy that I'm able to watch this on Newgrounds with my IPad! :)
Good job! Btw did you voice act all this?

didn't he die is a prison chair, what was it for runing over a pigeon or talking trash about other toons and was being shutdown.

That's ironic considering you're a cat. Lol.
It was alright, but the dog in the beginning sort of annoyed me, and I quickly hopped to listen to the cat's point of view... I just shrugged. It's alright man, this just feels like what Z-tv is doing, and to an extent, Hard Candy (due to lack of flash backs and different scenes). I'd really like to see more animation on what topic you're talking about rather than your characters talking for 95% of the flash with little to no visual reaction with said topic.
I'd like to see you improve.
- Theheatisrushing