CRC ep2 "All You Can Eat"

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After stealling the dead space mermaids' eggs, the boys are deciding what to do.
Meanwhile, Queen Momstarr wants the hapless duo to find and rescue a missing secret agent.
Will they bollocks it up as usual?
Find out....

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What the fuck?

Nice SickAnimation homage with tits and cosmic music acts! Could've been more random. Voice acting also needs more diversity and maybe some Nicholas Cage over-acting skills. Cut some frames away from the silent and slow acts to hasten up the show. Too much lag and unneccessary pauses.

i liked the voices but the rest was pretty mediocre and uninspired.

well, thats pretty original, and at sometimes funny....
strange movie, but i would like to see more of it, nice work!

also the character drawings were sometimes cool, sometimes bizzare, but it was good.
keep it up!

Um...I'm kinda at a lost for words...poorly drawn but the voice syncing was pretty good at least, but uh I have no idea what this is supposed to be about just hear a bunch of cussing.