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Road so far

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Road so Far - is a dynamic platformer, where you need to help a nameless protagonist in his quest to save his late twin brother from the eternal damnation. With a help of a friendly witch the player will have to overcome thousands of obstacles and meet demons of hell face-to-face. The game is on final development stages and it needs your support and feedback.

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Great concept. The running goes on a little too long after leaving off the keyboard arrows, and the spikes seem to blend in too much for me (note, I am colorblind, so see what others think about this first). However, I love the feel of the atmosphere you created.

I don't know what problem people have with the difficulty. I don't even recall what level it is that was supposedly so hard... The only level that actually annoyed me was the one where you had to let yourself fall, because there was no reasonable way to avoid dying.

What i didn't like about the game was the story. It is bland, pointlessly mixes up mythologies and tries to sound like serious business while actually bathing in cheap cliches that even somebody who accepts the premise can't take seriously.

I'm still giving it 3 stars because the art was not that bad and the difficulty was, for the most part, well done.

For some laptops this key configuration makes it impossible to play. I can't run and jump at all.


I dont know if anyone has notices this bug, but when you jump offscreen you fall into an abyss, you should probably seal the area off to prevent the character from falling into unplayable space.

Make the jump button configurable. For Keyboards without US-Layout that sucks.