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Guns&Zombies - TEST

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Author Comments

This is the first demo of my game made in flash as2. It's not finished. I just need to see if it works.

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its like nazi zombies

I think this game is a bit above average. I did find some bugs. (and other stuff)

1: the mines do not go off if they go off screen and remain after you die and into the next lvl (they will still not go off)
2: the zombies can get inside your min range and you can not do anything but die
3: weapon damage to zombie health needs tweaked (and a damage meter would be nice too)
4: could not get to garden
5: found shotgun up and the chainsaw op
6: flamethrower wanted

hero upgrades would be nice as well

KRAnimationsUK responds:

some good points, i think the zombie health meters would be useful. i havent had the problem with getting into the garden though. i'll look into it. you should be able to either press B at the door when you have enough money or press GARDEN from the pause menu. i have actually made a machine gun and a flamethrower but they're just really awkward to integrate. also the flames were difficult to make look real. so i'll work on it. and i'll check out the other issues too. thanks

Way to go. This alpha contains core of what may be if author will update game without much new in mechanic. Yeah bugs, balance and grafics need work. Who am i to judge author's vision in Graphics? Just another reviewer.
PS. Alpha because your comments.

KRAnimationsUK responds:

thanks, it's been a lot of work getting it to this stage and the code is huge so it's good to see people appreciate it for what it is. it still needs a lot of work but i'll get it all sorted

what RoleAce does not understand you click on the X in the top right and thats how you unlock the other doors, but it was a good game apart from the nuke i tried usuing it i pressed 7 and i ended up dying but so far so good, was an all round good game

KRAnimationsUK responds:

Thanks, I don't think I made it clear in the How to Play section that you need to either press SHIFT or click the X icon in the corner to access the menu. sorry about the nuke. i've changed it now so it's easier overall to access the weapons. thanks again for the feedback

good game, BUT..
you must upgrade the knife into 1 hit or maybe 2.
because that knife is really weak and you must get hit first to kill a zombie..
the crossbow door is cant be opened? ):
and btw make the health pack respawn to buy please, make it cheaper too.
like $100 and the shotgun is $500, pistol is $200.
still giving a 1.5 stars because this is the demo, needs more work (:
i would like to see the full game soon though, good luck!

KRAnimationsUK responds:

again, i think i've not made it clear enough. you can open the garden door in the pause menu by pressing on the GARDEN button when you have enough money to do it. But i've updated the game now so that the cross bow and chainsaw switch places. also the health of every zombie is random for each level so the knife hits will be different each level. but this is all good advice so thanks again and i'll make the changes for the final game

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2014
1:42 PM EDT

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