Fuck Town: Pretty Guest

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Sexy friend of your sister is about to visit your town. As a true gentleman, you kindly invited her to stay at your home. You always had passion for that curvy chick and now it’s a nice chance to pound her holes :)


I gave this NO STARS! I don't like it when people judge others based on how they look,and how something is made. I don't want this to get BLAMMED(?) in any which way. Those who left negative comments and reviews,in my opinion,are,...TOTAL GAYLORDS! THE RULERS OF ALL GAYS!
Please,...just enjoy the game,and shut the fucking hell up!,...YOU STUPID IDIOTS!
Behold,for I have given you all,...the gift of Freedom Of Expression. Drink It In,Bitcheeeeesssssss.
And I hope that this review of MINE does NOT get removed. Thank you,and go fuck yourselves.

First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

Surprise ^^ ... normally, I doesn't like games, where I can see the guy (character) I play. And also, if I must play the female part. here it was so. So, by this, long time I don't have try it.

But, after test someone other, I was curious to try this. And, it was good. If you have pass the first things (not really hard, buy the best flowers ... for the the expensiv costs ... treat her nice, make all and do, what she want and like), then you snatch she.

And the rest is cool ... sexy, - okay, depend by your personal taste. She looks like a young girl first, but, later in your bed (pleasure meter) you see one sensual, passionate, hot and horny godess. And to touch her and to see and/or hear her reactions can be turn your fantasy really fast.

The sex then with her is great, and for a so short gameplay also really nice. Definately a fine, hard boner and maybe one quickly "ending" game. ^^

3 stars, cool work

The only thing is that I didn't like the art too much, but this was pretty good.

Okay who cares if she's big. Curvy girls are still impressive and have plenty of sexual prowess. Also if anyone wonders, I don't think the flowers matter, but you should probably choose one of the three bouquets. Great game.

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Only thing that irks me with this game is the poor art.
I mean, yes, the girl and the massaging, are both very realistic. The shallow types of guys might not care for her having realistic proportions, or for the finicky order of massaging, but you know what? They were both realistic, and you get all my kudos for that. (Seriously guys, a massage goes a long way, especially if done right; warms up our engines. Finally getting some sweet in-game fingering was a sweet delight for me <3 *bites her lip, wishing she could feel some masculine fingers sliding into her lips right now.. of her mouth, of course*)
BUT, that bad thing I mention?? Big or not, but the style the girl's drawn in doesn't do her any favors. So very poorly. (Not to mention the position you had her in for the massage? The hell??) The guy doesn't luck out either; what's with those tiny TINY balls?? 83 Pffbbhhttt XD BWAHAHAHA!!
The sex scenes were so-so, the art didn't help the mood too much, and the sounds were repetitive. I had more fun with the massage, really. I'm glad I tried this game out, though. Might even come again~<3

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2.74 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2014
10:27 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating