Fishy Waters

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Catch fish, sell 'em and upgrade your boat to explore new seas and discover increasingly exotic creatures of the sea.

You set out on your journey when the heroine's father is swallowed whole by a monstrous kraken. Determined to rescue her dad, she sets out with nothing but a scrappy old boat and a sturdy old rod.

Control the game with the arrow keys (or WASD) to move, and to reel back escaping fish. You can throw out your line with the spacebar. The rest of the game is controlled with the mouse.

1.1 A small update, fixing the following issues:
- There is now a hint to sail around to find fish, if they’re not biting in the open waters.
- The Kraken has been training and has gotten a lot tougher!
- There is now a clear ‘End’ in the final cutscene.


Nice game!! The final battle was kinda easy for me, and I didn't needed to purchase the last boat or fishing rod. Anyways, the art and music were great, I loved them. Nice job dude.

Pretty fun. Way shorter than I'd care for, but I loved the animation and the controls were great.

i guess all the best games are short as hell hua.

I finish this game in 2 hours

All I have to say is:I'm gonna need a bigger boat...And fishing pod....

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4.15 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2014
7:28 AM EDT
Adventure - Other