Fishy Waters

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Catch fish, sell 'em and upgrade your boat to explore new seas and discover increasingly exotic creatures of the sea.

You set out on your journey when the heroine's father is swallowed whole by a monstrous kraken. Determined to rescue her dad, she sets out with nothing but a scrappy old boat and a sturdy old rod.

Control the game with the arrow keys (or WASD) to move, and to reel back escaping fish. You can throw out your line with the spacebar. The rest of the game is controlled with the mouse.

1.1 A small update, fixing the following issues:
- There is now a hint to sail around to find fish, if they’re not biting in the open waters.
- The Kraken has been training and has gotten a lot tougher!
- There is now a clear ‘End’ in the final cutscene.


Nice game, it was complex enough to keep me playing, and simple enough to finish quickly. Nice game!

I think the heroine's dad is gonna have a word with all of those tollmen after all that time in the Krakens belly. :P

Nice game! Catching all of the fish wasn't irritating as it was done in a way that made you fell like you were improving yourself along the way and getting better.

It was also cool to see the fish behave in the water when you weren't catching them, it was a nice artistic touch you threw in.

The only thing I might suggest would be an alternating soundtrack, where it shuffles between multiple songs for certain areas.

It'd be interesting if a game similar to this will be made. With a different setting and giant sea creature perhaps.

Other than that, great work! :P

fun, great control of boat. too short

great game, finished it fast.

the game is incredibly fun with cheerful bright atmosphere that makes me wanna keep playing and keep playing! The music is repetitive, but never makes me bored!

It have a decent story, and the gameplay is as creative and fun as top notch 5 star games in every perspective!

the only problem, and the greatest problem is the lag.
whenever there is lag in any kind of game, it must be from this toaster laptop.

seriously, 0.1 of lag and it makes the fishing so hard, and then come some 1 second lag.
A bit of delay makes me push the wrong button or ended up let the fish go without pushing anything, and when the lag get worse, every fish like ell and trout escape easily.

generally, the shark keep escaping like there is no tomorrow.

Hope I can defeat the kraken soon, because even a swordfish totally outrun this lagging screen. They escape even before the arrow appeared properly on the screen =_=

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4.15 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2014
7:28 AM EDT
Adventure - Other