Color Runner

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Fast50 5 Points

Complete Fast 50 mode. (Successfully get through 50 tiles in fast 50 mode)

100Dash 10 Points

Get through all 100 clicks successfully one time. (Fast or Slow)

100PlusInfinite 10 Points

Get a score over 100 while running in infinite mode. (Gotta be fast!)

10InfiniteScores 10 Points

Successfully Submit 11 infinite run scores. (Play infinite run 11 times!)

WaitingAround 25 Points

Just relaxing to the music.

500Runner 50 Points

Get a score 500 or over in infinite

under25Seconds 0 Points

Score under 25 seconds in fast 50

under50Seconds 0 Points

Get a score under 50 seconds in the 100 Dash.

1000Runner 100 Points

Get a score of 1000 or more in infinite mode

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Color Runner test your ability to differentiate between rows and columns, while finding the correct color. Your going to need speed, cordination, and determination if you want to be the best! Its a Race!

How to Play:
There is a section in game that explains this, but I've gotten some feedback that its not quite clear, I'll be fixing this. But the object of the game is to click the opposite color in each row, advancing far and fast. There are 3 modes:

Infinite Mode:
The first called infinite run, you will start with 10 seconds on the clock. Every twenty spaces you run you will receive 10 more seconds. Be fast though, if the clock hits zero, you will lose. Also if you click on the wrong space you will also lose. Its about speed and precision!

The second mode, Fast 50, you need to get through 50 spaces as fast as possible. Your lowest time will be saved. Quickness and accuracy is everything!

100 Dash:
The third mode, 100 Dash, you do the EXACT same thing as Fast50, just a longer run this time. 100 spaces, 100 more chances to make a mistake!


The scoreboard is only for infinite run mode at the moment.. I am working to change my timing systems so that I can be compatible with newgrounds high score system. This may take a day or two to rework the code. Sorry for that. Hope to get it up soon.

Check out my other game - Pengwin

-- Added some animation cursors, some button animations, working on highsocres for all three modes.

--Added New medal.

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I can't play longer than a few minutes. That voice, that music, and no mute? Nope.

Other than that, the game is pretty simple, and honestly kind of boring.

I don't get it ._.

Pretty fun, better animation and smoother transitions from rows would make it a lot better, and that voice gets pretty annoying pretty fast.

Well have to go buy a new mouse for smashing it on the table! Color Runner won

Very addictive!! Managed to gain the 1000Runner medal at the cost of precious time and my clicking finger!

TheeSeaverShow responds:

Congrats on bragging rights for that medal!

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2014
7:59 PM EDT
Skill - Other