Zero Tolerance

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after the progression of each level, subtle changes to the game take place. get through each level and avoid the spikes. oh, and one more thing, death means starting at level 1!

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Sorry, I think this is a bit too... bare-bones. Don't worry, the concept is good. However, in my opinion this just isn't done right. The circle's hitbox is good, but you could have manually coded collision detection for a circle that was more accurate (and actually would have made the game faster, not that it needed to be but still). The spikes hitboxes are... well, they're hitboxes. And, you know, spikes are triangles.

The concept is there. But the gameplay itself... not so much. When you make a game difficult, you need to make it fair, and by fair I mean not unfairly punishing a player just because he was stepping too close to a spike. So I suggest you read up a bit on collision detection. You'll be glad you did; it is a LOT easier to hit-test when you write the code yourself. Then come back and write a better game. Your players will thank you.

Actually pretty fun, just the music is a bit stressful and repetitive but i enjoyed the gameplay.

aaronneilbaker responds:

Thank you for your review! keep an eye out for updated versions!

It's an okay game. The art isn't very good and the gameplay itself isn't very smooth (feels like it's running at a low FPS)

I would definitely work on improving the art. Better animations, more obvious sprites for spikes etc. The lack of sound effects make the game feel extra frustrating. It would feel a lot more responsive with proper sound effects.

I wish you luck in improving your skills with game dev in the future

aaronneilbaker responds:

Thank you for your very constructive review of our game. I will admit that the art was rushed simply because we were excited to get our game started and ready for people to play. the fps is running at 24. would you recommend moving it up to 30?

weird on the first levels the hitboxes seem to be the right size, maybe it's more apparent in high levels, good work though

aaronneilbaker responds:

Thanks for the review! and you're right about the hitboxes, they are a little off but we are hoping to fix that in versions to come. also, all the spikes are the exact same image just repeated so the hitboxes on all levels are the same, we assure you.

Thanks again!

As some people already said, this is a unforgiving game more than a hard (difficult) game. Which is really not bad at all.

The problem is the controls... I mean, I don't feel like it's accurate enough. Now, you've told some people that you're new to this, so I'll be comprehensive.

Graphics: They're not so good, but for being an amateur game, they're ok.
Story: Non-existant, nor does it need one.
Music: I FUCKIN' LOVE IT! It is just one track, but it is really good. I really love it.
Controls: The meat of the game. Just innacurate. Maybe improve some hitboxes and the overall feeling of the game.

Overall, nice work. Just because of the music and the concept, I'll rate 3 stars on you. You need to improve some stuff before coming back, but I see potential in your future games.

aaronneilbaker responds:

Thank you for the constructive feedback! we have updated the game since you first commented and rated Zero Tolerance. if you are willing to give the game another chance we would love to hear from you again!

Thanks again!

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2.36 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2014
4:11 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop