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10 Gnomes 01: the Rooftop

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You have 10 minutes to find 10 gnomes hiding in the pictures.

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Pixel hunting is not my favorite gameplay type. However the 10 Gnomes series is very well made. The ambient sound and black and white photo background create a surreal feeling that makes you believe Gnomes could really exist and hide all around us. These games make you look at world with different eyes, letting player discover the world from a different perspective and seeing how various human made items, mostly abandoned ones could be used by beings of different (spatial) dimensions. My baseline score for all 10 Gnomes games is 7/10, for great artistic design and rather unique design, but only a medium level of gameplay. I myself have found all the gnomes in all these games, but usually just about 7 or 8 from the first try.

This, the very first game in the 10 Gnomes series also one of the hardest ones, because of some already zoomed in locations requiring turning to the side, something generally abandoned in later games. I add a halfstar in my rating to this first game in series, because I think that both the gnome that jumps from tower and the one in room with window that required Mateusz to shoot the same street from two different sides are very nice touch.

first try: 9

i got 7 on my first try

10553 points.
Awesome game, I love the finding gnomes series! Anyway I give you 4 and a half stars because for me the screen was moving too fast and it was difficult to focus on the clickable spots. I almost had an headache. It's still a really good game!

Got 9 on the first try! I assume the last one with the bird, but I couldn't find a hotspot there :(