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Flower of Life (looping)

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It is widely speculated that Sacred Geometry is the root of all Geometry in existence, and it's certainly a well-represented statement. There are all sorts of videos and all kinds of articles you can find via Google and other sources that will explain to you what it is, but I feel that they are all trying to give us more information than we really need. How about we just see it for ourselves?

I made this 60 second looping animation to show you without words or numbers the relationships between the Flower of Life and things like known mathematical shapes in their exacted proportions. In this video you will see all the "Platonic Solids" and several shapes that you might find in places like Religion, your favorite television shows, and even the shape you were born in!

I hope you enjoy, as I had fun making it :)

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AH the newest dogma.
Finding meanings in nothing but coincidental patterns.
But for what it is, it's a decent, if not pointless loop of simple shapes doing nothing, but growing.
oh well one star for the loop.

You should at least have music. It was pretty cool though, nice job.

smirkstudios responds:

You're right, but I couldn't figure out how to loop the cartoon without the music restarting every time. Maybe I'll add it in later :) Thanks for your review!

its definiatly interesting , i could see how a few audences would be drawn off by it but at the same time i can see how it is unique and or cool

smirkstudios responds:

Thanks for your review!

Great flower of life-loop Josh!!! Makes it very clear!

smirkstudios responds:

Thanks a lot, Griet! This is where I first discovered Spirit Science! If you feel like browsing my movies, let me know if you find one you like!