Space Field

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Author Comments

Space field is a very fast game to play. Be carefull this is very addicted.
Get yourself trough all the astroid fields to gain a bigger score.

Touch screen to go up
Release screen to go down

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Gameplay is tedious. The graphics and sound are both good.

this game gets all of 1 star for several reasons:
1: this game, due to your description, is obviously just a port from what's supposed to be touchscreen device (touch screen to go up? what?)
2: this is just another copy of 'jetman' (or I suppose more recently 'flappy birds') but with what seems like literally nothing added to it, except changing what it looks like.
3: it doesn't even make sense. walls go straight up and down. since when, have you ever, seen an asteroid field in any game, be -literally- a straight up and down wall with a hole in it?

my suggestion: get rid of the walls. make it seem more like an -actual- asteroid field, ie, randomly appearing since asteroids with varying sizes, and then you will have a MUCH better game.

stupid game

you could work more on the sound effects and interface,
I dont know if its just here, but it looks like the game have a bug,
when the first or second obstacle appears, the screen distort, so its even pretty hard to dogde, sometimes impossible,
put gravity on space its..weird
but the game have kinda potential, if you polish it!

First the Pros:

-Controls are responsive, very important due to the high speed gameplay
-Graphics are solid
-No lag issues to report
-Music seems appropriate
-Record keeping is nice touch, although to be expected

Now the Cons:

-Gameplay is a bit tedious, with no real goals or achievements outside of trying to get some high score


Not my cup of tea, but lots of people like these kinds of games, and as far as the genre goes, it's a solid addition in my book.

Credits & Info

1.20 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2014
4:11 AM EDT
Action - Other