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Guncross Episode 1

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I have a few complaints first of all the animation looks really really bad, now is it the worst ive seen? no, but its pretty bad. its not blockey and moves fairly well, but the art is fuggly and theres no dought about it. vissually it looks far to much like halo for its own good and the charecters look more like emp dolls then they do real people and the movements are akward and blocky and the dialouge is just fucking halarious. the faces look like card board cut outs which dosn't help either and the eyes just look weird(with the exception of the guy with two diffrent colored eyes, i thought that was a very creative and intresting looking desighn choice that may have lead to some cool). the pacing is well exicuted and it is pretty facinating the whole "KILL" thing. truth be told there are some intresting ideas that might have saved it (the two diffrent eye color thing, the "KILL" in big letters may lead to something intresting latter down the line, the first person thing from the soldiers perspective which worked well with the asthetic) as well as pretty cool fight sences. the extremly unoriginal plot definatly hurts it too, i think ive heard this plot more times then i can count and i dont really understand exactly how the U.H.A came to exist other then it just did and then all the bad stuff stoped, i dont really understand how the crystals work and i cant hear some of that dialouge over the music. I think that the music itslef isn't really worth that since it all sounds extremly generic. however the plot showed some sighns of compitance, ive seen they saved hittlers brain so i know this isnt the worst video in the world. id suggest taking some writting and art courses before you try making one of these again though. over all its astheticly unintresting and not very well drawn and the plot is so generic that it could be used for almost anything.

Hey I think it's kinda cool. You already got enough feed back from the others about the story and voice acting. But if you want a voice actor or someone at least a little better, you could use me.

I do rap songs so I have a microphone, but I took a class in acting, so it's not like I'm a total noob.

If you do send me a message or something.

Keep animating!

very good character animation. Wish you could of worked more on the voices, and background art to make it less "boxy looking". And Im guessing this definitely wasn't to show off your writing capabilities, because I did not get hooked on anything story related and a bunch of small parts threw me off because of the poor timing. But I must say again your character animation was very good!

how long before next episode, 6 months ? 1 year ? 2 years ?

RA1S0R responds:

I'll try to get it out within a year's length, but no promises because I am still a student and we currently have another series in production as well.

Better voice acting. Ask a writer to do the voices. Trust me. The vocals were flat and unengaged, inappropriate in tone, and the wrong emphasis was placed on the wrong words. ;)

other than that, nice everything! The music was too loud over the voiceover though. ;)

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2014
8:26 PM EDT

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