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Colony Age Robot Outbreak

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Author Comments

Control Info:

Arrows & WASD – Movement
Mouse – Targeting and firing
R - Restart Level
Shift – Change Gun (Can be also change using mouse)
Space – Change between Laser Tool, Magnet Tool and Gun (Can be also change using mouse)
1 – Gun
2 – Laser Tool (When unlocked)
3 – Magnet Tool (When unlocked)
6 – Plasma Gun
7 – Plasma Machine-Gun (When unlocked)
8 – Grenade Laucher (When unlocked)
9 – Plasma Cannon (When unlocked)
0 – Rocket Launcher (When unlocked)
F – Secret Weapon (When unlocked)
Enter – Start wave (Can be also started using mouse)
H – Tutorial Help

Additional Info:

In this game you're controlling robot.

Robot has 7 different main weapons to shoot down hostile robots and objects.
Laser tool – Automatically switches to destructive laser or welding laser:
Laser (red laser) can be used to cut through obstacles and to destroy enemy bots.
Welder tool (blue laser) is used to fix and construct ally turrets & robots.
Shield is used to absorb damage from hostiles.
Magnet allows to grab and drag crates, mines, turrets and several other things.

Robot can be customized.
Wheels - (Health and speed bonuses)
Head - (Weapon)
Chassis - (Health and speed bonuses)
Lights - (Visually)

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Here are some suggestions take them or leave them:
1. Destructible environments. I'm an alien space tank I should be able to drive through a table (unless tables are really awesome on their planet).
2. The perk descriptions were vague. They should have interesting names (because they're awesome) but they should also have clear descriptions that tell you how they work.
3. Being in space is dangerous. Incorporate this as a hazard. Think airlocks and rooms that need to be re-pressurized because you blew a hole in them. There could be a magnet upgrade that keeps you secured on the ship while your enemies go flying into space. Then after five, or three, seconds the ship seals the hole.
4. I don’t see the logic in having to pay for building. It would make sense if we had to purchase components from a store to build stuff but the tank builds stuff with lazers.
5. When we press continue we go back to the menu. This is inconvenient. lol how dare you make me click and point my mouse one more time than necessary.
this was a good game. thank you for making it.

I really like the concept of this game and I had some fun playing it, but there seems to be missing some things that keep it from being great.
On top of some of the other things previous reviewers stated, I noticed that at times there is a glitch that won't let me build some turrets when it asks me to in the first few levels.
I do wish there were more to the upgrades and gear you find as well.
A medal earning system would be cool as well, to add extra incentive to delve deeper into the game and experience it all the way to the end.
On a positive note, the graphics, audio / music, and theme are really well executed and it's easy to see that you put a lot of work into this project.
I think it's really cool that the player gets to be a robot who is maintaining and protecting a space ship while the humans(???) are in deep stasis, oblivious to the chaos going on around them.
The status reports on the life preserving pods were a nice touch ;D
Keep up the good work!

Good, but not Great.

I did enjoy this one and thought it was well made, but it also felt ... dead?
I'm not sure how to put it, but there just wasn't that "spark".
It breaks no new ground in it's design or execution and offers the player little in the way of incentive to keep playing.
I did enjoy the upgrading, but it lacked depth and variety.
I did enjoy the visual aspects of the game and applaud the devs for it's look.

The controls were a tad clunky and I did not like how they were mapped for the keyboard.
The aim is true but also clunky. a reticle would have been a nice touch.

Overall I'd say I like it but it's not making it into my top 1,000.

Nice looking, fun game.

Problem found after attempting to upgrade my robot. Stuck in the customize screen and can't get out.

Red 'back' arrow responds to mouse, but does nothing.

Elitic responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
Maybe you've chosen unavailable items at customize menu?
I've just tried to going through menus - everything seems to be working. It might be encryption issue or not.

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2014
1:11 PM EDT

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