The Amazing Spider Man 2

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Not so amazing, is he?
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i dont like it too much violence! duhhh


Ah now c'mon, this is pretty weak. I hope you had a bit of fun making this, but it's rubbish quite honestly. It has no substance and a single gag which isn't very funny, much like a lot of other videos on this site.

I think you could've done something more interesting and ambitious with it. You need more than a singular idea. To me, the joke upon which the video is based is throwaway at best, you need a good handful of them, chained together to have a shot at making something entertaining. Further, when it comes to parodies, going beyond a superficial insight is the sign of someone who has put thought and effort into their video, and is usually rewarded with more viewers.

I hope this criticism is taken in the spirit of self-improvement. Good luck in the future.

Shoocharu responds:

Well, first of all. Opinions, mate. You can't make everyone happy. I'm sorry that this didn't make you burst into laughter, shitting bricks or whatever. But whenever I get in the mood of making something, I just get it done ASAP. I'm sure that'll change sometime. Sooner or later.

is that spideys actual voice over.....?

Shoocharu responds:

Yes, Andrew Garfield is a good chap of mine, and we often hang out. We always eat lunch or whatever the first day of every month, it's a tradition. So I had him over for brunch this other day and told him that a friend of mine had this idea for an animation. He asked what he had to do, and I explained the plot. He said that he would gladly do it, but only if I were to do the chicken dance whilst he voiced it. I did as he asked and he voiced it over. It was a great brunch, I must say. Anyway, hope that answers your question.

great lol

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Apr 1, 2014
5:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody