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Butterscotch Puddin'

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I spent a whole 36 hours in the bathroom with this project before I uploaded it!

Woah, thanks for throwing this on the front page! No idea how that happened but it is appreciated.

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Oh wow! I've actually seen this one once before, when it was uploaded a couple of years ago :O
I liked it then, and I like it still :)
Great job ;)

what did I just watch?

My freaking cat pooped like that beside his litterbox then dragged the litterbox across my room smearing the crap across my floor, then pooped where the litterbox used to be and dragged it back to that spot on top of the poop. Let's just say I no longer own this cat.

this was the best cartoon i've seen in the last 2 minutes.

you where smoking crack when you made this wherent you?