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Gassy Rick Astley

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1. NeonSpider 131
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4. JosefEliasson 131
5. blyndid 131
6. PhantasyReal 131
7. awesome-moose 131
8. fuckoffasshole 131
9. VJF 131
10. Megasonics 118
11. Optimos 95
12. OneThousandMeeps 87
13. 4ne1 78
14. Nijsse 71
15. Ken10Ben 64
16. EdwardBoys 62
17. Knuckstrike 58
18. atomicjelly 57
19. theplayer234 57
20. Envixous 56

Author Comments

Warning: Do not play this game if you had a recent break-up!

This is a one-button game, pick any key, or use the mouse, or tap your touchscreen to do everything.

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to end the game wait till the timer in the game over screen and wait, but you have to wait A LOT you can also get the That's Me! medal but DONT click,i've made that mistake and i dont want YOU to do it again

GeoKureli responds:

If you're gonna give a zero star review, you should say why you gave it zero stars

It's literally a reskin of flappy bird but worse. It's so glitchy and when I'm in the middle of 2 pipes for some reason I randomly die and it keeps happening so then I restarted and it still did the same exact thing. And it keeps making me fall to the ground over and over again.

GeoKureli responds:

You seem to have a problem with random deaths on every game you review, perhaps it's your hardware. Could you take a screen shot and message it to me?

Also it's clearly a parody

omg I love this xD thahaha

I don't know why, but I keep getting lag and it ends up making me fall to the ground. Either way, good game.

Never gonna give you up! :D

I don't really like toilet humour and Flappy Bird clones, but for some strange reason I like this game. It's silly, but addictive and funny. :)

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2014
1:29 PM EDT
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