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Hatcher Air Hockey

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Get the latest version on my website for Android as a FREE .apk with no adware, malware, spyware crap at
http://www.josephhatcher.com/portfolio.htm Support for 2 human players has been added with multitouch!

Hatcher Air Hockey is the product of making a game in 10 hours from start to finish for a game jam at work on Nov 2013. Made just for fun, by myself. :)

Move the mouse to move your "stick" at the bottom. There are two tables to play on, Easy & Hard.

Game design, sound design, and art by Joseph Hatcher. Music by my son, Caeh Hatcher, from his Baby Stepz EP, available worldwide on your fav digital store, including Bandcamp :)

**** Thank you all so much for the feedback! If you review the game, please let me know what you would like to see in a sequel! 8) ****

Copyright 2013 Joseph Hatcher/Hatcher Technomantics. Music Copyright 2013 Caeh Hatcher/Hatcher Technomantics.

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Put a monkey in front of a typewrite long enough and it will eventually type out Shakespeare. Leave your puck-hitter in front of the goal long enough and the faster-than-sound puck will eventually go into your opponent's goal. Not the best game mechanic I have seen. Slowing the puck's speed will be very appreciated and fix the game 101%.

technomantics responds:

It is a game jam game, what you see was made in 10 hours for fun. Your first sentence is not factual, and does not have anything to do with a game. Did you try the Hard difficulty? Like in real air hockey, your opponent doesn't slow down because you want them to, tis a competitive sport. It does go pretty fast, but no where close to the speed of sound. Thank you for your feedback and well thought out response! :)

How did this get the Daily 2nd?

technomantics responds:

It got played enough that day? I assume magic?

Really, daily sec for this game? Why is this even made anymore? O.o There are so many better Air Hockey games out there? Only the music is really cool

technomantics responds:

My son will be glad to hear that about his music. :) Thank you so much for your feedback! It is a game jam game, made in 10 hours, it isn't going to be Mutant League Hockey ;)

first impression: OK. after playing the game and seeing the puck come back at my side after hitting it off the side wall, i knew something was jacked up. if you start off the game with a soft slow hit, the computer's hits won;t make the puck speed up. if you start off the game with a hard fast hit, the speed stays the same. I.E. the speed will never increase because of the computers hits, it's based on your hits. i pretty much hit first and played defense allowing the computer to screw itself on each point i scored.
Something to make the game a little harder, make the goal bigger. if you place your paddle in front of your goal, the puck will never go past. fix the physics of the puck hitting the side of the table. the puck should never come back at you unless it hits the end.

technomantics responds:

Did you try the Hard table? Thank you for the feedback! :)

richieguitar is right; sometimes the bounce physics are off. I just had one come at the wall at about a 70 degree angle, and left closer to 30 degrees, both players fairly far away from the thing. Guessing the wall is composed of objects, and the puck hit a seam?

Pong is hard to reinvent. I'm not sure you managed to capture it well in this iteration, and the circular player-pieces don't help the sense of a loss of agency (which the speed also contributes to). All in all it feels skillless, which is unfortunate. If it were slower it might be suitable for a touchscreen application, but mice and trackballs and touchpads just can't be precise and reliable enough for what this game takes.

Recommended playing: Shatter, on PSN (and probably Steam, too). Based heavily on pong as well, and there's a lot of things it does that make it a game with some control but without losing a sense of chaos most times.

technomantics responds:

I thought it would be a fun experiment to make. I am enjoying all of this feedback, and will take it into consideration if I make a sequel. Thank you for the game suggestion ! :)

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1.96 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2014
5:59 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place March 31, 2014