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Blocky Parkour

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Jump through the blocks to get to the end!

Also includes a 2 player mode - play with your friends, family members, or anyone else you wish to play with!

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Sticking on the side of the blocks helped a little when you're trying to get back down, but was not necessary because you couldn't anything if you were about to fall down. In 2 player mode, I see that one would jump higher than the other player in certain levels so I'm not sure if you intended to do that. I also see that you made some levels A LOT easier. I recommend you to have the following levels locked because if someone were to get frustrated on a level, they would most likely skip it. Adding music would have made it a bit more entertaining. 7/10

Pointless. Seen it dozens of times before. Also has a bug where you sort of hug the wall.

Not bad! The controls are simple and the game is easy to understand!
Does what is should do! Cool game. Keep up the good work!

short and easy not bad

Physics wise, this game doesn't make a lot of sense. Sometimes your person will jump farther, and sometimes it won't. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why. It's a rather senseless plat former; I'd so go far as to say the most basic plat former. There is no enemy. The only way to lose it to fall into the void if you don't make it across the seemingly randomly placed blocks. The, I suppose levels, don't increase in difficulty as you progress. There's no reason to think you've really accomplished anything. I don't know how far I'm in the game, and frankly I don't care, because the game is not by any stretch, rewarding or fun.

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2.84 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2014
4:00 PM EDT