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Rock Paper Scissor Wizard

rated 3.31 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Mar 29, 2014 | 2:34 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Three young wizards are forced to work together if they wish to gain the wisdom of Handalf. Little did they know what the old wizard had up his sleeve!

In my free time, I spent about a month and a half with Stencyl to make this game. It's my first published project. All gameplay, visuals and sound were created by me.

The controls are posted in game. In a future release I may give the option to switch controls.

Have fun!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

I have a few points you might find helpful.

-First of all, as someone mentioned before me, the falling+fixed camera can make it hard to figure out what is below the screen
-Dying doesn't stop the clock, so you get stressed out and try harder the next time but end up doing worse, kind of like in classic Mario(this can be arguably good or bad)
-There doesn't seem to be any checkpoints in any levels so the more challenging levels(falling ones especially) is little stressing after a few accidental deaths. Not everyone is a pro at platformer games
-To fix the dead wizard bug you can simply make the player invisible on death and disable movement or lock the camera in place. Sure, this is kind of a hack fix but it's simple and doesn't hurt anything else.
-Perhaps add abilities to make each transmogrification unique(because as they are they just look different. The different platform touching is not unique since they each do the same thing to a separate block type). For example, you could give paper the ability(passive or active with a limited time) to fall at a lower rate, like how most paper reacts in normal gravity.

Otherwise an original platformer that doesn't suck. I didn't find it all that fun either, but when it comes to platformer games it's very difficult to please people.


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Wowlex responds:

Thanks for the input.
The short fall times are definitely a detriment, it's something I should've polished a bit better. I tried to design it so that all except 1 or 2 times later in the game, you can see what's below you if you stand on the spikes in the correct form.

As for the clock- I definitely wanted to do a bit better on that, but I ran out of time to polish it. After testing the game so much, I am able to quickly dominate the levels, but I should've thought about adding extra checkpoints.

Your idea about making the forms unique: I had that in mind from the start. I decided that I didn't have enough time to implement it though. The way I designed the switching behavior would've made it extra hard. I wanted to make it so the paper wizard could float, the scissors wizard could stick to walls, and the rock wizard could depress switches! Would be neat. Maybe in version 2.0.

Sorry you didn't find it that fun, but I do appreciate the comments- this is what makes me better!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a pretty good platforming game.
I did find a bug though, If you pause right after a restart the screen will pop up but the game won't pause.
Although if you press pause again the game will pause normally and the double will disappear if you unpause.
Nothing bad just though it was odd.

Wowlex responds:

Ah, interesting. Never noticed that before! Thanks.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Alright. This is a pretty cool game. I like the concept!
I especially like the art/animations (and as we all know, the scissors rock! [get it?]) The other two characters are cool too.
The music is okay too :)
Also, the story, short as it is, is funny :'D

Although I liked the game, I have a few things to point out!

- The character animation doesn't switch (mirror flip) in the air when you switch direction, after a certain point has been reached

- If you change wizard a millisecond after a death, the character (that is dead) is reborn as one of the other characters, although the level restarts as normally (and if you're really fast, you can get back the wizard that died for a millisecond, by switching twice).

- You should warn people that your save restarts when you hit the home button; at least that happened to me :/

-Also, some of the level design could use improvement. Nothing too big, but for example, it's hard to predict what will be below you in some of the drops because the camera doesn't reach that far, which can be annoying late in a level :p
Some of the jumps could be shorter and some longer too.

All that aside, I really liked your entry. Very good job, as your first published project too!

I personally always got confused about which arrow key is which character, even if that's written on the screen at all times! Do I feel dumb haha :D

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Wowlex responds:

Wow, thanks for the review, very in-depth.

As for the stuff you pointed out...
Yeah I was having trouble with the dead wizard glitch for a while. I decided that since I got the level to restart, it didn't break the game, and as a cosmetic issue I put it on low priority for the bug fixes. I would have liked to fix it if I had time- same with the jump direction switch.

Sorry about the game restarting! I should have known people might want to come back to it after going to home screen- that was an oversight of mine.

The level design was also difficult- trying to introduce some mechanics while making it challenging. There is some polishing needed there, but a lot of the levels are pretty short so I was hoping I wouldn't annoy people with some surprises ;-).

I definitely take your comments to heart, thanks again.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loved the awesome Concept

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great concept and animations! Reminds me a bit of the indie game Outland. Really fun and challenging. The difficulty ramped up a bit too quickly for my tastes though and I probably would have stuck through to the end if there was an easier difficulty with more checkpoints/ slower fall speed.
Also thanks for checking out my game!

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Wowlex responds:

Yeah, I think you're right about the fall speed. It feels right to me, but since many of the challenges involve falling thru platforms and tight timing, it might be better it it was a bit floaty. Thanks for the review :)