Paper Dash

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Apprentice 25 Points

Survive the level 1 difficulty

Bad Karma 25 Points

Collect 10 karma points

Experienced 25 Points

Survive the level 2 difficulty

Shocked 25 Points

Try to survive a paralysis

Elder 50 Points

Survive the level 4 difficulty

Good Karma 50 Points

Collect 30 karma points

Master 50 Points

Survive the level 3 difficulty

Demigod 100 Points

Survive the level 5 difficulty

Author Comments

Description: Paperboy is back to compete against the 2nd god Paper-Dōsojin. Survive the wrath of the god of the earth and fire in this runner based game, as the second great challange to become a Papergod. Also face the god of the first challenge.

Run and jump to avoid falling rain, burning blocks, lava, lightning and hills and collect 4 powerups to survive as long as you can. As the game proceeds, the difficulty will be raised.

Use the arrow keys (left / right / up) and be the best runner.
Press the 1,2,3 and 4 buttons to activate an available power-up.

Here are some tipps:
- The lightning balls will paralyse you and slower your left / right movement.
- With higher difficulty, the attacks will be multiplied and stronger (lightning-ball will summon a flash when hits the terrain)
- You can use the boulder at the left as a shield sometimes when jumping and pressing right to avoid incoming hills.

Have fun!

Edit: New update with the remaining power-ups. The next one will have a better explained help.

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godd game but so difficult

Satyre responds:

Thanks, don't give up :)

Not So Bad!

Satyre responds:

Thx :)


Satyre responds:

This is a runner based game with difficulty progression, so technically there is only one level.

i like it

Satyre responds:


Heyy, this is actually a pretty good game!

I was so into playing at first, I didn't even notice the powerups :p
This game made me remember the good old Crash games, when a boulder would be chasing you :3

I must especially compliment you on the art and music!
I also think you did pretty good with most of the programming :)

However, I had some issues with the medals. After I got the first medals, the rest would not unlock, for some reason (I got more than 10 karma points, and so on). I don't know if this is because I used the heart power up, or what, since the first medal I got worked just fine :/
Also, it took a while before the scoreboard recognized me, but oh well.
All in all, this is a pretty solid game; good job!

Satyre responds:

Thanks for your review. I'll check the medal & scoreproblem now, maybe I messed some blocks with the update. Anyway your survival time is very good. I might think about lowering the difficulty a bit, since there are 5 difficulties to handle :). By the way D-Pression is a great project of yours. I had a hard time at the scene where you have to wall jump many times.

Edit: Yes you were right about the medals. I accidently moved the medal blocks, thanks for finding this error, this is fixed now.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2014
5:38 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid