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Battle R Isle

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Author Comments

An NES style action game based on the ultra violent classic Battle Royale.

At the behest of the brutal government regime you and 19 of your classmates are standed on R Isle and given one instruction: Kill each other off. Starting with a random weapon you will explore R Isle killing or being killed over the course of a 3 day Battle R-(no wait I can't call it that can I?)...no holes bared blood bath.

Exciting features:
-Full blown A* pathfinding (Huge props to Jihem for the extension)
-14 exciting weapons (from guns to swords to inflatable mallets)
-Head explosions! (Step into a danger zone for too long and watch the brain chunks fly!)
-20 Playable characters (Pick your favourite!)
-Persistent deaths (Bestrew the island with corpses)
-Multiple endings!

Up - Walk Up
Down - Walk Down
Left - Walk Left
Right - Walk Right
X - Shoot
Esc - Pause (Map and Inventory)

Press escape to go to the inventory and use left/right or the arrows to change weapon.



If you get any issues with enemies not having weapons or students not appearing in the scenes they should. delete your cookies/local flash save files. I think I've fixed it but your save files will need updating.

-Continue button should now function too.

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OMG....... i love this game i only made this account today but ive been playing it since 2013 i think. I almost love this game as much as i love the movie

I always get killed by the shotgun users


This...........this is so bloody and cool it's awesome!
This easily deserves 5 stars.......but I found a glitch that is really bad.

If you go down at the beach and moonwalk your ass just enough that it moves to the next screen, and at one of the sides of the beach, you can walk right into the water.

darrigaz responds:

Oops. Thanks for the spot. There's bugs all over the shop in the game. I tried to do something way too complicated with way too much content and ended up having to cut features and running out of time for decent QA.

Thanks for playing and still enjoying it though.

Good job darrigaz, one of my favorite movies of all time is now an excellent flash game. Keep on the good work