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A challenging game where you use your web to make your way through a cave where monsters (such as yourself) live. Your goal is for you and your friend to escape the upcoming war between the families. Time is short, but why not dig up some hidden treasures along the way?

Note: The game is very computer intensive and will likely run slow on some computers

A walkthrough can be found here:

Press "P" to pause game
Press "M" to mute
Hold "H" for help


This was fantastic.
I always love a happy ending :)

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I hate it when the I shoot up and web bends >:(


Downright Beautiful!
I really like this game! It has interesting setting, wonderful art and great music!
The parts I did not like that much were the fumblyness of the web control(Maybe mousecontrol?) and the shortiness... It felt a bit like a metroidvania, it was a bit disappointing to not get additional abilities...
Using your thread to pull rhinozeros beetles down holes was a nice revenge for all the times they did this to you though!

This game is full of bugs!...no one laughing? Ok, I'll just review it then...

A small, yet touching story, told through challenging puzzles, nice secrets, some fantastic art —both in the music and aesthetics— and an exquisite atmosphere that can't keep you from remembering good Metroidvania games like Cave Story or Poacher. The web control takes a little getting used to, but after a while it seems like it is all that you needed. There is nothing like a puzzle that, once you figure it out, you wonder what took you so long :D This right here, is a game of surprisingly high quality in all of it's aspects.

There is a bug when you're on tat ledge kinda above the room with the big door, If you try shooting a web and jumping, it takes you back to the previous room and just freezes, great game though

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4.05 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2014
9:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle