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A challenging game where you use your web to make your way through a cave where monsters (such as yourself) live. Your goal is for you and your friend to escape the upcoming war between the families. Time is short, but why not dig up some hidden treasures along the way?

Note: The game is very computer intensive and will likely run slow on some computers

A walkthrough can be found here:

Press "P" to pause game
Press "M" to mute
Hold "H" for help


This game helped my with my anarchophobia! It's beautiful, easy to complete, the storyline is amazing, there is NOTHING bad about this game! It's a game that will be remembered for ever in the hearths of those who played it, i'd give it a game of the year award, but five starts will do for now.

At the point with the Dung Beetle and the spikes, it seems a little more challenging like you have nowhere else to go but other than that, the storyline, art and cute little spider dude are pretty awesome.

The game is pretty good, I love the pixel art, the concept and... mostly, everything! The game IS NOT, and by that I mean it, too hard. I don't want to be harsh with the others, but I found it pretty easy and enjoyable! The controls are also good (personally I preffer the "up key to jump", but I'm ok with z). I hope you will do a sequel wich will be longer, but will cost something (it mostly come with better product :P) and that you'll put your hearth on it

-Oncle Fenon and his 5 star review

One. Word... Masterpiece.

Great game, really. Nice graphics, clever design, immersive atmosphere, interesting story...
It was hard also, completing it was rewarding.

Too bad the game is not very responsive and a litle bit sluggish at times... That's something I experienced with nearly every Stencyl game.

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4.05 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2014
9:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle