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Take to Heaven 4.0

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Update 4: Hello guys, i'm here to ask you feedback of my new spawn method that i'm using in my RPG Heaven's Fate.
Now i'll focus in adding some Interfaces, reactive the options, and the most inportant that can't be missing, the Heaven!

Here's the link:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/644324

or https://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting-action-games/17390/heavens-fate-v075-new-spawn-method

Please comment it and give feedback :D

UPDATE 3: Guys, I'm Back! So, after all that time i'm back developing my project BUT with some changes, now i'm focusing in making it for mobile devices, so it will be totally reworkd for touchscreen ok? The rpbolem is, I want to change the spawn method, if you would like to help me, please, continue readinghere: https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=180&t=111737&p=813473#p813473

UPDATE 2: Hello guys, so, I was working on the next version of the game until the end of March, but this month i've a lot of exams at school, and I know that four weeks have passed since the last release, but probably you will have to wait until half of June, when I'll have some more time to work in the game, because next month I'll have to seriously study to pass the college entrance exam that I intend to do.. That's it! See you guys!


Hidden Information: The game support Touch, so you already can play it on your smart phone!

Please comment, give suggestions and report bugs :)

Obs: Actually there is only one level! Please don't complain about it, right now i'm focusing on the interface and others ;)


Default Controls (Can be changed at Options Menu):
[Left Arrow] Move to Left;
[Right Arrow] Move to Right;
[A Sequence] Combo Attack;
[S] SlashUp;
[D] WhirlWind;
[F] DemolitionImpact;
[Space] Parry;
[Esc] Pause;

To do list:
Add sound effects and music;
Add more levels;
Add skill levels/upgrades;
Add drops to enemies;

Demo 4.0 Changelog:
Fixed walking bug;
Fixed custom control reset bug;
Added basic storyline/introduction with Skip button;
Added First Map;
Added Pause;
Added Pause Menu with Resume/Leave;
Added XP Calc( Char level not implemented yet;
Added Result Screen after Finish level/Die;

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This is a good start to a game. Include more content and options.

you are off to a good start

wow very nice :D i like the sprites and animation. The game play is nice and i cant wait for the next upgrade.

I loved the intro of this game. Also the fight style is simple and yet fun. It would be good to buy some other movements and exchange it for the originals one, making a unique set of skills of my own. Great work !

alan349 responds:

As you can read at my to do list above, I will be implementing skill levels/upgrades, it will allow me to add some new skills... The only problem is that the guy who support me drawing the sprite for me is not "available" anymore and he just left me some upgrade for the current skills.. I will have to think on some way to create new ones now..
And thanks for voting man :D

ok most incomplete games i would bash on but this atleast had a full level to play so for that much thank you. For the intro i like where you are going but listen to it doesn't it sound like you missed a word or two? Secondly, add a musical background and don't sound so bland. Your intro should be able to hook me quickly and make me wanna play this game. I liked the character and enemy sprites they are well put together. Id' say add a boss at the end of the level or after so many levels add a boss level. Now my rating wont reflect how much potential i see in this game it's good but id rather see the finished project on here good day and good luck i better see Take to heaven out on here soon enough. :)

alan349 responds:

First: What do you mean talking that I missed a word or two in the intro?
Second: I've already wrote that adding sound effects and music is on my to do list ;)
Third: Obviously there is going to have Bosses ¬¬
Four: Why just one point? You really think that is all that bad?

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2014
9:47 PM EDT