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Crazy Chopper Chaos

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Helicopter game i made during Stencyl jam 2014. Fly by using up and down arrows. Avoid enemy choppers and achieve high score. Have fun. Also, have edited it to include a shield by pressing space bar.


Please.... I realize this isn't technically a flappy bird clone, but please... no more. Also, try to make the ground art a bit better. And maybe removing the hit-boxes of the plants? also, instead of the helicopters just flying in random positions, maybe make them controlled? So you can actually get past them?

fades are a bit too long and sometimes the green helicopters are impossible to get passed! overall, still had me playing for a good 10 minutes, good game, hard difficulty

On one hand, I hate the fact that it's *yet another* Flappy-style game, but on the positive note at least your choppers are a bit different from those wall colliders.

However, the graphics seem quite lazy (why not have the tree backgrounds be transparent? It's a minute of work and a ton of improvement)
Also, it has a gamebreaking bug - if you just let the chopper fall down, you can get any score you want as there is no floor collider.

Hopefully this is not too harsh, but honestly, this doesn't look like a finished game.
(also, I've fallen off the game screen and am gathering points while writing this... since I can't come back up with a few clicks, I suspect the game will crash eventually, when my altitude overflows?)

The game isnt bad but there is an glitch when you fly up too much it stucks

Rather buggy, a bit poorly done. Also, another one of these flash Flappy Bird clones.

Sorry, not my type.

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2.24 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2014
8:20 PM EDT
Action - Other