Goomy: to the Rainbow!

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New Important things:
- Greatly improved performance!
- Continue to fight bosses during Endless Mode!
- Touchscreen friendly! (Controls below)
- Redesigned some Goomies!
- New icon!
- Speed Up/Down power ups effect increased.
- Tweaked graphics and slightly faster animations.
- Small bug fixes.

Who is Goomy? Legend has it that he wants to make it to the mythical, happiness-filled Rainbow Land. However, the journey is not without dangers but of course, how could we have expected anything less?
Jump and shoot to help Goomy find his way to the Rainbow Land!

- Dive into 10+ colorful worlds!
- Choose among 10+ cute Goomies!
- Fight against 10+ epic bosses!
- Coming soon to iOS/Android!

- Arrow UP to jump and double jump!
- Spacebar to shoot!
- Touch the LEFT side to jump and double jump!
- Touch the RIGHT side to shoot!

- Big Coin: +100 pts
- Speed + (Red Triangle)
- Speed ++ (Red Triangles)
- Speed - (Green Triangle)
- Speed -- (Green Triangles)
- Change to Random Form (Rainbow Ball)
- Change to Normal Form (Grey Ball)
- The "Star" button actually does nothing. It is a mobile only button for displaying achievements.
- Let me know if you find any bug: I will try to fix it as soon as possible!

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The bosses are really easy to beat but its hard to get to them one you get to the City.

Good game with a fantastic soundtrack, but it was very repetitive. Were it not for the medals I wouldn't have played past a few levels. It was good, just needs more variety.

Fun and entertaining game but a few negatives. The game felt like a grind after awhile. The levels were the same and it just took longer to complete them. There are a few graphical glitches the sometimes one of the blocks fly across the screen. Regarding the health bar, the coins fly in front of the actual health part (the bar), but they fly behind the part where it says HP. Another thing is after you get the first star a message pops up saying "New Level" but that's the only time it pops up. It does not pop up when you get the second or third star. It should be more consistent. I would say something about the star button but you covered that already in your notes. The last thing I want to point out is on the 12th level after you defeat the boss it says that you unlock a new Goomy even though you don't.

Other than those things it was a fun game. The music was enjoyable and so were the sprites that were created. I was a big find of the large white stroke.

ShimoneShimone responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
I have already fixed the HP and 12th level bugs on the mobile version of Goomy and I am going to upload a new version for newgrounds in a few hours. The "New Level" message is supposed to appear everytime you earn at least one star in a level and it means that you have just unlocked the next level and you can play it.

I really like this game, but I do have a question regarding the health bar. I seem to spawn with a random amount of health every level, with no pattern I can see. Is this on purpose and if so is there a pattern to it?

ShimoneShimone responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
Regarding the health bar: the higher is the "level" of your goomy, the higher is your health amount. I will add some in-game clarifications for the health bar.

How do I get on the score/leader board? because I tried clicking everywhere and when I got the highest all-time score and clicked on the score/leader board icon it didn't show me anywhere.

Other than that, really fantastic game, I love all the levels, goomies and bosses.
My favorite level has to be the last one. Because, just look at it! and only 30% of my happiness came from the fact that I got to the final level.

I think the random Goomy power-up is perfect for a game like this because, it shows you what kind of levels you can expect next, for Example one time I got a "Skull Goomy" from the power-up, so I know one of the levels is gonna have something to do with skeletons, undead world or something like that.

I'm really digging the music, It really relaxes me and makes me more calm when I die before killing the boss.

Great work, and fantastic graphics! Keep it up. :)

ShimoneShimone responds:

Thank you for your feedback! I am very happy you enjoyed my game!
You don't need to do anything to add your score to the leader boards. Every time you beat your high score, it will be automatically submitted to the "Level x" leader board. I can see your scores on the leader boards, so it seems to be working OK. Let me know if you have more questions!

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2014
4:53 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other