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Detective Dumbass

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Why is he so stupid?!

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I loved the style of the humor.
The animation manages to look pretty good, too... even though the drawings themselves are pretty damn sloppy.

theFierceKid responds:

The drawings were supposed to be sloppy. I purposely used a thick brush, and I kept changing the smoothing. It's about a dumb detective, and animations about dumb detectives are not supposed to be visually good.

It's really good that you're starting out making videos so young. By the time you are 21 you might make a career out of it.

theFierceKid responds:

Thanks man! (Even though I want to be a web designer). THANK YOU for the high rating!


Not bad for 20 mins, Not bad. I like the animation style. I got a laugh out of the state farm thing. an ok flash i guess.

The voices are too loud! I think you can do better and would love to see more submissions. Keep it up!

theFierceKid responds:

I'll try and do better in the future. Thanks for letting me know.