Puzzling Rush

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Human on the Way 10 Points

You've beaten the Humans at the first time

Orc on the Way 10 Points

You've beaten the Orcs at the first time

5 Blocks 25 Points

Collect 5 or more blocks in one step

Long Chain 25 Points

3 or more chain reactions in one step

Magic Wave 25 Points

3 or more magics in one step

Medal Wave 25 Points

3 or more medals in one step

Half-a-Way 50 Points

Complete 11 levels

King of Elves 100 Points

Complete the Elf campaign

King of Humans 100 Points

Complete the Human campaign

King of Orcs 100 Points

Complete the Orc campaign

Author Comments

The situation in the faraway fairy land Ukron is uneasy. The evil impure force under the command of Yanyro has subdued all the lands, and there is no place free from mothers crying and children bellowing. But there are some heroes who are fighting for the just cause and who are able to rebuff this evil forces. You are at the last frontier, nowhere to run – only one will survive...

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This would be a 4 star game but I gave 2.5 because of the worst game help I have ever seen in any game. Using images with icons is a good idea if those icons are first explained somewhere. Instead I spent my first playthough watching actions that seemed largely arbitrary to me. Even in my third and final playthrough I encountered things I did not understand which should definitely not happen. Luckily the game allows to reset points so I can at least experiment with different combinations.

After the loading, nothing but a black screen.

Just wow. And I thought Death Lab was addictive?
1 star for those cool effects, spells and buffs!
1 star for excellently combining Fantasy RPG and Match-3!
1 star for the tear-jerking backstory! *sniff* *sob*
1 star for having an orc play the hero!
And finally, 1 star for reeling me in and making me want to play to the end!!! :-)
You certainly could have done more with this game, like an ending movie for winning the game with the survivors reuniting with their families and all that, but this game was certainly good enough for me as is.

Uh... so the game is fun enough, but I just got the 100pt medal for completing the Elf campaign after passing level 2 of the Human campaign. That seems like it's probably a bug.

The game is fine but it could be better. First, this is the first 3-in-a-row game I've played where forming an L-shape or a T-shape does nothing in your favor. Though that's just me being nitpicking. But what is a real nuisance is the fact that almost every time I fill the fire power-up, the game does give me enough power to real devastating damage to the opponent, except that the game decides to give me also an extra turn, and then it takes away all the power. What's the point of turning all those fire tokens into swords just to lose them right away? This nuisance even cost me a fight. And let's not talk about the awesome combos the opponent gets --that grant it enough power to blast away my lifepoints but NOT an extra turn that would take that power away!!! If you could fix this issue, then it would deserve more stars. But as it is, it only deserves 2 1/2.

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2014
7:08 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other