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The Adventures Of Kroma

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You play as Kroma, a caveman who's in search for a gift for his girlfriend. Kroma's quest takes him through dangerous caves on his pursuit for the perfect gift.

*Chromadepth 3-D glasses are needed for the 3-D effect*

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A very Great Game!!!!
Man, i have played this Game a long time ago, a beta version, that i found on the Stencyl list of users games.
I had played, and i enjoyed a lot! I am really happy to find this game on the newgrounds, and find a artist that use the Stencyl as engine too! :D
Congratulations!!! :D

Can i give a suggest?
I think, for a next version, will be great if you put a level that you have to scape from something, or that we have come time to finish the level, can be more challenger next time.

Fun game, nice soundtrack! Nice artwork!... I found a bug. As you descend into the area that has the spike blocks vertically moving, if you die and restart and die too quickly, your character dies, but the game continues, without your hero. No controls, no sprite, just beautiful music and background grfx.

HunterStudios responds:

I'm glad you like the game. I am surprised that the glitch is still a problem. I have to sit with the right arrow key held down and die MANY times before the glitch actual happens. Oh well. I am working on the sequel now which will have all of the issues sorted out with a lot more variety such as flying and swimming. So keep an eye out for it in the near future. :)

Quite engaging and the music is great. I liked the graphics too, they were very old school Nintendo. Nice work. However, the instant kill was maddening, especially with all the danged spikes! How about a 3 hearts kinda rule or something? Otherwise, quite fun!

I love this game!

Very nice little platformer game. A bit generic and too simplistic, but it was pretty enjoyable for what it was.

I absolutely adore the graphical style you went for in this, I love how each feature is composed mostly of lineart of a single color and how the shiny colors contrast with the black background, giving this an awesome high-contrast effect that's really appealing. The music was also pretty nice, I expected something more 8-bit, but the music's not bad at all.

The gameplay is basically a platformer where you walk around and jump, avoiding obstacles and reaching a goal, with no special gimmicks or extra features, but that's not exactly a bad thing. For one, the controls work very well, I like how the length of time you keep your jump button pressed alters how high you jump, but there's always a minimum jump height so that you won't accidentally hit an obstacle that's right in front of you, and I also like how the walking movement is not slippery, eliminating the risk of falling off a platform because of momentum, since the character stops immediately after you release a directional button.

The stages are designed to provide a challenge, but never being overwhelming. There's some three or four stages in the game, all of them provide an adequate level of challenge, are pretty fun to traverse, and are never too frustrating (I'd know, since whenever a game frustrates me I tend to output an absurd amount of swearing while playing). All the stage features are generic platforming obstacles, like ceiling/floor spikes, moving spike blocks, spears coming from the walls and a couple of enemies, but that doesn't matter so much, since the game uses these features in a pretty competent way.

This game is almost nothing original, very simplistic, and also too short, and those are maybe the only flaws about it. Overall, it was a fun experience, in spite of its obvious shortcomings.