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Dr. Null

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First Blood 5 Points

10 enemies killed

First Wave 5 Points

The first wave starts...

100 Enemies 10 Points

100 enemies killed

Accuracy Master 10 Points

100% accurate shots!

Construction Master 10 Points

Fast robot construction!

Handgun 10 Points

First serious gun

Money Master 10 Points

A lot of money!

Protection Master 10 Points

Dr. Null is fully protected

Regeneration Master 10 Points

100% health regeneration

Reload Master 10 Points

Fastest gun reloading

Skill Master 10 Points

Fast education

Halfway 25 Points

Still alive for 10 waves

Final Battle 50 Points

Wave 20 is a final battle

Dr. Null 100 Points

Game complete...

Robot Constructed 100 Points

Giant combat robot is ready for fight!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Dr. Null, Doctor of Science, dangerous criminal, counterfeiter. He finances his inventions by printing money in his own print shop. His criminal activities attracted the attention of the authorities. A large-scale military campaign is being waged against the Doctor. Cornered and desperately defending himself, he developed the construction of a gigantic combat robot...

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That was fun! :D Appreciate how you can start over from the last wave as well, or that secret teleport would've been pretty cataclysmic! The upgrades, the action, the variations of weapons and enemies... it really does build up a game with plenty of re playability and good old arcade fun. Just keep the carnage going! Nice work.


Ew, no reload button. I dumped my points into regen to ensure I live long enough to see later waves but the lack of a manual reload button is driving me nuts.

There is literally no reason to make the final parts of the game so challenging other than to pad out the length, it's ridiculous. Completely ruins the game.

It's a Good Game. But it Gets Hard Overtime & How can u Rack up sum Money ifu don't spend it on Urself & da Robot. Please add a Difficulty Menu something like: Easy Medium Hard & Madness. Needs 2 Be Worked on...

It's all right here are some useful tips:

Used the Uzi for like 70% of the game, it was insanely useful and cheap. The shotgun was not really a good choice, felt like a waste of money and didn't pack the punch i expected, didn't even bother with the sniper rifle. It really forces you to stick with 1 or 2 weapons MAX. Don't try buying every single weapon couse you will make it harder on your self. The machine gun is the ultimate for me, way better than the X-Ray, although and the X have it's uses. It's good you can switch between weapons to account for certain situations. At the start of the game always go for max money print, shit gets real fast so the more money you can cough up earlier the better - helps you keep the robot going, helps you stay alive, helps you buy guns and defences. The mines felt kinda useless tho.