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Justice League Teaser

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Due to creative differences between myself and those I was working with we have decided to cancel this project. Be on the look out for more DC related projects from me in the future though :)


NOTE: I do not own any of the characters depicted in this teaser. They are all respected properties of DC Comics, WB, and their respected creators. This is a non-profit fan project out of the love of these characters

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Really cool. I have to be honest this looks promising. I know you've possibly heard it in a few comments already it's short but it's well put together. Is there anything that you are in the works at the moment? I'd like to see more. And not to critique but Green Lantern in space didn't have his glow around him.

NCot09 responds:

This project has been cancelled due to creative differences between myself and the other person on it, but I am working on a different Justice League film at the moment that I will complete for sure

I like the usage of the sprites and the film will most likely be interesting to watch. The voice acting seems really promising.

My hint is to pay attention to the action scenes. It must be at least somewhat similar to Mk vs Sf in terms of coreography, or else the film and sprites usage will seem somewhat flat.

NCot09 responds:

Thank you very much for your input! I will definitely keep that in mind!

Now this is new. Hope to see a finish version soon.

NCot09 responds:

Yeah not the same ole Sonic vs Mario shtick haha. Thanks for watching.

good trailer.
this seems promising, nice use of the sprites, i hope that the story will have many new elements and action.

ok movie. do more

NCot09 responds:

Thank you

This Looks Amazing. This will deffinetly get somethings done.

NCot09 responds:

Thank you. I am very excited about the project lol.