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UM: Classrom Cheaters

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I updated the game to resolve the two major issues that were mentioned to me. This was the arcade game and the sweaty boob photo.

Note that I did not have a chance to test and make sure these changes are working properly. So if you still have issues let me know.

Now on the arcade you only need to shoot down 18 out of 21. (you can forget what is says the score is just hit at least 18 of them)

and for the sweaty boob photo it should be easier to remove the top now when in the girls locker room.

I made it where doing the activity with Tom makes it night time.

And I think I made it where continuing an already in progress training activity (like running) will consume coffee first if you have unconsumed coffee remaining.

I had all kinds of problems trying to recompile the game. Flash kept corrupting files on me. so I will focus the rest of my efforts into the offline version.

I did not add the books, they are in the offline version thoguh. Check my userpage for the offline version, but it does not yet have these fixes I mentioned here in it. And that is why I want to just work with one version so I don't have to do everything twice lol


How to get the sweaty boob pic-!
to the get this Maiko needs to be sweating and also you need to already have the tablet raised up and be in the girls locker room. after the tablet is raised up you can click the center of Maiko's boobs to remove the top. after that you should be able to take the photo. Maiko will say something to confirm you did it correctly.

here is a video also:

I tired to recompile the game to fix this where you don't have to have the table raised up but flash was acting up. I will try it again later!
I finally finished a game. I have not completed a hentai sim game since Vandread Love Quest.

This game plays similarly to that game. This game is hentai. R-18 and heavily compressed with parts of the game removed to fit within the upload limits.

A few disclaimers:
Note that I do not make games or draw for a living. Nor do I have some kind of art degree or attend a art college. This game was simply created by me in my free time.

Also please understand that this game was not intended to be professional quality or even taken very seriously. Many things in the game are intentionally funny, wacky, or unrealistic, such as the boobs. So just have fun with it and have a laugh if you find something silly or goofy looking. And if something doesn't make sense, it is probably wasn't supposed to make sense.

I know the arms look whacky but you get used to it if you give it a chance.

For those interested in the full storyline. The storyline for this game comes after the events in Daughter of Eve:

and the game that takes place after this would be a older submission of mine, UM: snowball holiday:

Umichan Maiko and Umichan Maiko V2 takes place right around the same time as this game Classroom Cheaters.

I'll will be uploading more stuff soon to be sure to follow me on newgrounds if you have not already.

feel free to also check out other stuff I am working on on my website:

If you have any questions on this game feel free to post on my userpage.

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If you want most of the game complete and a lot of money then here is your save file:

Load Slot 1: 2U3U0U0U3U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U0U1U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U4U0U0U0U0U2U0U300U300U300U300U300U100U100U100U100U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U300U300U300U300U20U100U100U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U180U1U0U500U0U0U1U1U1U0U1U0U0U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U0U1U0U1U0U1U0U1U1U0U1U0U3U1U1U1U1U0U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U20U0U0U5U0U0U5U0U0U5U0U0U5U1U1U1U1U1U0U0U1U0xFFCCFFU1U1U0U100U1U0U5U3U1U1U0U1

Load Slot 2: 6U0U0U0U8U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U0U1U3U6U0U0U1U0U0U4U0U0U0U0U2U0U300U300U300U300U300U100U100U100U100U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U300U300U300U300U20U100U100U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U1275U275U275U275U275U275U275U275U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U0U140U1U0U500U0U0U1U1U1U3U1U0U0U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0U1U1U0U1U0U1U1U1U1U0U1U0U3U1U1U1U1U0U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U1U20U0U0U5U0U0U5U0U0U5U0U0U5U1U1U1U1U1U0U0U1U0xFFCCFFU1U1U0U96U1U0U5U3U1U1U0U1

Password: Vortex00IsBackAtIt

is there a deadline or something like that?

my only problem is that the boobs disappeared, so I can't get the sweaty boob pic

This is a very odd little game.
Conceptually, its a fun "do the task" game, but i struggle with the dialogue a whole lot.
The creator says its "purposefully unrealistic" which, ok sure, but that still makes for some really odd scenarios that can throw a player off.