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guilty pleasure

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edit: hooray! front page! thank you to all watching.

hey newgrounds! here's a new short i made called guilty pleasure. it is about people who hate on other's people's music tastes. i hope you like it!

check it out on youtube too! i'd appreciate it.

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Dang, that was a really good animation. Yeah, guilty pleasure on music hit home for me, and your message (or theme? or moral? whatever they call it) was actually something I needed to hear. I was expecting the guy's friend to be the judgemental "cool dude" type, but luckily it turned out not to be the case, which was great!

Also you chose a neat, wide-range of music that he flipped through quickly, which was well-done. Thanks for putting them in the credits too.

Also, why did his friend have a hat with the communist Soviet symbol on there? I thought it was weird (I hope he's not a communist :P) but I guess it's either a reference I don't get (there are a lot of those...) or something random.

tylerghardin responds:

hey thanks! dillon's hammer and sickle hat is just based on something he bought on a beach trip once. he was always interested in russian culture and he used to wear it a lot. being bad at character design and needing to differentiate his design with mine (we look similar anyway), i added that hat in a lot of my animations.

and i agree, this is a very insular animation. one of the reasons i'm not a big fan of it lol.

lol that ending was too funny haha yep music is music you like what you like and dont worry about what others think:) lol I have all those songs on my Itunes playlist even the one at the ending:)I just luv music, good, bad, or um sad music? lol thx for the submission

tylerghardin responds:

music is universal! it transcends language and unites us all. glad to hear you enjoyed it, thanks for the review!

Great music! And guilty pleasures....yeah, we all have our own

tylerghardin responds:

indeed! thanks for the review.

Uugh, captain morgan, why. . Oh, I'm on newgrounds now


This was good, animation was smooth and you brought a message through very clearly. I could see this on television, which is to say it was well made and well written.

The old guys music was AWESOME. Or should I say sweet.

tylerghardin responds:

it is awesome! haha.