Attack Of The Demon Sword

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You are a ball. You Are ball number 666 to be exact.
You Live In a World with an Evil Night/Dictator.
He Controls The Demon Swords.
He gets his power from the Demon Coins. Collect As many as you can.
The more you get the more power the knight loses.
Beat My High Score
High Score= 150 Coins


Level 1 "Dagger" Over -1 Coins
Coin Damage: 1
Level 2 "Short Sword" Over 2 Coins
Coin Damage: 2
Level 3 "Machete" Over 5 Coins
Coin Damage: 5
Level 4 "Sword" Over 10 Coins
Coin Damage: 20
Level 5 "Long Sword" Over 20 Coins
Damage: 50
Level 6 "Colossal Sword " Over 50 Coins
Coin Damage: 100
Boss Level"Demon Knight" Over 100 Coins
Coin Damage: 500

Pause Button Coming Soon
Play Button Coming Soon
Power Ups Coming Soon
Life Bar Coming Soon
Ability To Attack Coming Soon
Audio Coming Soon
End Game Coming Soon


Simple, yet difficult dodge 'em game. Can be a bit too difficult at times. I enjoy that the "swords" increase in number and size the more coins you get, but this does make it almost impossible to dodge later on. Also there's a glitch where you can accidentally roll off the screen and the game stops..

This is very bad ._.

First of all it does look like **** but i will overlook it ...
Then i couldnt reach more then 10 points , some of the swords are half as big as the screen . You have to make them smaller /slower or probably give the Ball more agility because you can't dodge them.
And whats that with the Point system? If you die you get - points . and if you are in the negative , there just wont drop swords - that doesnt make sense to me if there arent any till the 0 mark . You could just edit it and let the Swords fall slower instead of no swords, and let it stop at the 0 .
I also lost my ball one time , normally you die if you hit the sides ,or go out of the screen , but sometimes i didnt die and then one time my ball didnt get back .
I like , that if you "die" you dont loose all your points .
I also like the Ball Move mechanics , but aliitle bit more agility , because like i already said you cant dodge anything ....
Sorry but i had togive 1/2 Points for that.Please Rework the points that i said , maybe other Graphics and we'll see how it goes :3

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This was pretty hard and nearly unplayable to me. The controls are a bit too loose for its own good, difficulty takes the sport and feel out of it (can barely get past 5 in the coin collecting in it) and there's no sound (as far as I can see) or even music to add atmosphere to it. This to me might be an interesting game once its polished and given some 'piazzas' to it to make it more fun and a unique gameplay experience. However, I'm only reviewing on what I assume is the "beta" version before official release. I'm going to give you a 1 in a half out of 5. And a 2/5 in voting power. Keep polishing it and do some tweaks and maybe it might be a great title for all I know! Keep trying and don't give up! I hope you've enjoyed this review and have a good day.

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1.83 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2014
8:29 PM EDT
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