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Polar Escape

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Author Comments

Everyone started going insane. It happens at this cold faraway places. When you were first given the job to work as a scientist on the South Pole you cheered with joy. If you could only see yourself now. Bad weather is coming; your company sent a rescue helicopter to get your team out. It appears that your mad colleagues decided to lock you up and leave you here. You need to find a way to get to the rescue point quickly!

Use your wit and explore the station, to find means for your escape.

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Pretty nice and with nothing illogical either. I did get a bit stuck on the locker puzzle though even with the instructions in hand. Good job!

nice game, I got stuck on the color box code because it confused me, it states 7 clues to the find the proper color code. yet you can only use "6" colors, I had to go through trial and error, to figure that part out. that al;ways got to me about escape games, it should be 7 colors not 6 or at least a hint to eliminate one color, I even subtracted but then the first clue would negate itself and I would end up with 5 colors not 6 or 7. either way I managed to figure it out, aside from that and the unskippable intro after I closed my browser for a while and returned to play I enjoyed the game. I very much enjoyed all your ones.

This is a nice escape game in which you have to search around and find clues to solve the puzzles. I was stuck with how to remove the boxes. Then, I read the walk through and realized I forgot I had the "hand" or force. Silly me :P

The game is fun, but the intro is just terrible.

Short and sweet. :D It was fun.