Flappy Cumshot

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Cum you way out ! and cum on as many Flappy Hoe`s you can to make big big score! or lose if they are to many! Into 2 immersive gamemode! normal Shooting and Batting mode!

Cum more then 100 times and get batting mode unlocked!

mouse to cumshot!

mouse to intercat with menu

enter key to retry!

escape key to go back to menu!

press 1 to turn sound effects off and 2 to turn sound effects on!

press 3 to turn music off and 4 to turn it on!

Cum big and earn medals!

Music From OmniScie newgrounds audio artist!

music : U R Magnificient

This game i made with my stupidity cloack on! and was thinking it will be fun ! so have fun! and act like its a trolling game! hope you enjoy it!

if you are a Flappy Bird fun then you suck! i never understood the game , and never could go above 1 or 5 score! so here are for those who couldn`t score atleast 5 in original Flappy Bird! Hard On IT Boy`s!



Best game ever!!!!

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romdtb responds:

hahaha thanks for your reply :))) yea was a joke for all those flappy birds games coming out so fast :)))

Well, well, look at here, another flappy bird offspring.... well, maybe this one will be good.
oh well, it is indeed.

a simple funny game with out-of-the-box concept, mixing trolling and joke stuff with a proper game that so funny yet was quite perverse... still good though for the fun and lols.

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The Game is Really Fun.The Cum Shot sound makes the Bird Death Sound lessyou know "Agonizing". Make da Game moar Diverse & make moar. I luv 2 See the Flappy Birds Die through Cumshots >:)

Not bad for a beginning game but the cumshot sound seems to cancel out the bird death, I didn't really notice anything else besides making the game more diverse.

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romdtb responds:

its ment to be like that!:)

will never update it!:) cause no1 likes birds mixed with dicks!:))

hope you had fun! thanks for you review!

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1.18 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2014
3:00 AM EDT
Skill - Collect