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ZylatovSisters Degamified

rated 3.22 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Mar 15, 2014 | 6:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Zylatov Sisters gives you and a friend more than a dozen kinds of weapons to battle robots in your choice of nearly 20 arenas. This revamped version of the game includes "Degamification" options, including cheats and ways to hide the game's scoring feedback. It's great for practice or to just mess around.

Click to start. By default for single player the controls are Space to shoot, arrows to run and jump. In two player by default the Left player uses WASD to move and Tab to shoot, and the Right player uses IJKL to move and Enter to shoot. Controls can be customized from the main menu. Using an external application that can trigger keyboard keys via a USB gamepad works best for two players, but it's playable on a shared board.

The core game - Zylatov Sisters - and all of its assets were originally created as a student team project at Georgia Tech, in the VGDev student organization. This newer version, Degamification Edition, is mostly from DeLeon's added tinkering a couple of years later.

New in this edition: cheat options, improved gun sounds, screen shake, various minor fixes and tuning adjustments.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

reminds me liero but it is too caotic, you need to better organize ideas, also the keyboard-based usage is too odd

I get you can improve a second version :)

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a fun arena type shooter with a great retro / nostalgic factor.
The music and some of the graphics reminds me of the Sega Master System, which is awesome :D
I also like how there's an option to play with a friend.
It would be cool if there was a level editor as well so players could upload arenas they come up with.
Medals would also be a plus.
Anyway, well done on this fun and addicting game.
I look forward to see what you guys come up with down the road (hopefully more stuff like this!)
Keep up the great work!

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game is good, but it also has a lot going for it. Namely, rather than taking place in an overhead arena, it takes place in a side screen, single screen arena. This is bad on the grounds too much action is going on screen at once. If it involved just one screen as part of a much larger area, with lots of enemies inbetween obstacles, it might have made more sense. I have no other complaints about this work - you've done a great job.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Interesting, I happen to like it. The variety of weapons is pretty nice and some of the weapons are actually really cool, I think letting players Have two weapons That they can toggle between or requiring that items are picked up with a button press would probably be more beneficial. It can be somewhat irritating when you have a weapon you want to continue using and lose it because a pick-up spawned on top of you or any various other ways an unwanted gun could be picked up.

I feel as if the inability to aim up or down while firing, coupled with some of the ways that maps are designed actually hurt this game quite a bit. It was far too often that I found myself in situations where fast-moving bots were clustered into small areas that are difficult to reach, or when falling through the bottom and I died because something moved into my blindspot where I was unable to shoot it. I feel this makes for a lot of uneeded deaths for the player which could make the game more frustrating.

As for the stage designs, I felt like a lot of the designs were somewhat clausterphobic and the way the barriers are placed generally benefit the bots more than the player. Also, because there are often so many barriers, certain weapons are quite a bit weaker than you probably wanted them to be. Like the viral gas, I have to move to the right position to use it, but if bots are just boxed apart from each other, it loses much functionality because it will only kill one or maybe two bots at a time. The stickybomb functioned much better in most cases as a delayed kill weapon thanks to the fact that it can actually travel straight down and land on stuff through the screen loop. So I can kill stuff without having to often leave safe positions.

I also often found myself sticking to the laser and hacker because they offer such large payoffs compared to other weapons, with the hacker, you can clean out a stage pretty fast, especially if you get one of those gun-toting commandos. and the laser's ability to shoot through walls speaks for itself. I'm not sure if you were looking to encourage the player to prefer certain weapons or wanted them to play with a variety so I was just pointing that out.

Now this next part is just an idea I got but here's a possible control setting for two players.

P1 keeps wasd but instead they can choose to fire with C or Ctrl and player two could get the arrow keys or the numpad and can still shoot with enter. The idea here being that both players get as much room between them as needed and only need a single hand to play the game without having to take fingers off the movement keys at all. I don't have any problems with your current controls or anything it just seems like a nice idea.

Anyway, nice work.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game. The playable characters should have more distinct colours to be able to differentiate them from other humanoid-shaped npc's.

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DeLeonGames responds:

Thank you for the suggestion! I have now altered the playable characters and the humanoid-shaped npc's in the latest update so that they'll be a bit easier to distinguish. Good idea.