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Ash Escape

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Author Comments

Help Ash to escape from fire before time runs out.
Get away from molten rocks and finish each level
within 2 minutes.

Controls: Use Right (or D or NumberPad-6) and Left (or A or NumerPad-4) Arrow Keys to move the character. Use Up Arrow Key (or Space Key or NumberPad-8) to Jump. Don't collide with the molten red rocks.


Thanks for playng! This is my 1st game. Please rate n give a review. Help me to fix problems through reviews. Thanks!


Updated Game To Version 1.1
Bugs Fixed
Levels Problem Fixed
Character Problem Fixed

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You have great potential my bro!!!

Not bad. The graphics are very simplistic, but quite functional. The background sound is nice, although some context sensitive sound (especially for colliding with boulders, but losing on time, jumping, falling down a pit, and maybe walking, would be other possible additions.) Some CC0 music could be tossed in there as well if you like - something ambient and dark.

The Character: hey, that's not a bad running animation for such a small resolution sprite. Adding some dark grey for more distant limbs, you could probably make a four frame variant that would add a bit to it if you wanted to. One more thing, it would be nice if the idle image was more representative of the collision box. It's kind of weird to be standing waaay out to the right of some bit of floor you are apparently standing on. There also seems to be a bit of sliding going on, which is quite annoying for precision platforming - you might want to directly kill all momentum when there is no user input. Or maybe put him on a skateboard XD.

Since the molten rocks seem unconcerned with maintaining their momentum (less friction) or bouncing less over time, they seem more alive than inanimate. Particularly, they _seem_ to begin to move when you get close to them.

The timer is odd in the way it's implemented. First, it's a lot of time, so unless you are trying to die via time (or click off, go afk or whatnot) it doesn't seem to do anything. There's also no visual element linked to the timer (whether a physical countdown clock, a dino run inspired effect, or changing background color) so it doesn't really pressure you as much as it should (after you realize how generous it is.)

There is an annoying bug I experienced where if you run into the rock at the beginning of... I think it's the last level, the one where the boulder is right at the start, while the stage transition effect is still going strong, the game will get confused, and not respawn you, and effectively freeze. Other than that, it all seems to function fairly well.

I like the game, but it's impossible to finish level 2. I've come to the end multiple times, I know there's an obstacle there, I tried different things, jumped over it, waiting for it to go left/right, then walked, walked into it, but nothing helps, it just starts over again like I lost. I don't know if I'm the one doing something wrong, of if it's a bug, but it is pretty annoying, other than that I enjoyed the game a lot. It was simple but fun. I does need some audio maybe, but not necessarily, I mean I think the fire-cracking sound is enough already. But I can understand other people liking audio, I'm just not that bothered by it's absence.

The game play was a little too slow in my opinion, but it make the game a little harder so yeah. Also the platform was a little but bugged sometimes too. The platform goes further too long which causes you to not be able to get down sometimes until after a centimeters or so.

I'm just really pissed that I can't get past level 2. Because I want to play more of it. So if you read this, could you please fix that? :) Thanks.

Zayns5ahmed responds:

Yes. Thanks for the advice. I have fixed it. I couldnt try the game that time. I am sorry. Well, Much thanks to you for playing my first game. All problems have been solved. If you find more, you can comment on this. the games has 4 levels. Hope you will enjoy it well. Thanks! :)

Seems to restart after finishing 2nd level. Player's collision box is lean too much to the left, on 2nd level at least. Graphic is not so good and not so bad. Could use some sound too.

Zayns5ahmed responds:

Sorry. I have fixed the level problem. The game has 4 levels. The collision problem is because of the app Stencyl. I could have made it better if i had worked more on it. I know it has faults as it is my 1st game. I would make the next game more better. Thanks for your advice and time spend for playing! Thank You!

Really cool use of pixels, but what i miss are instructions that show what the obstacles are and some music.

Zayns5ahmed responds:

Thanks. This is my 1st game so i didnt try much on it. Some fire cracking musics are there. Sorry, I have now added instructions in the description. The Red thing is molten rock. I have fixed and updated the game. Thanks for your rating, advice and for playing! :)