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Ninja Otoshi

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Author Comments

Ninja Otoshi is a Japanese-themed flash puzzle game where you play as the Ninja Captain, in charge of a mission to raid and destroy the Samurai Pagoda.
Deploy your ninjas and slash bombs to form chain explosions in this flash puzzle game! Each level of the Pagoda is full of interlinking bombs, and you have to slash the correct bombs to make sure all bombs can be destroyed.

;;;;; NOTES ;;;;;;
I'd like to thank Tom Fulp and all Newgrounds crew for the Frontpage entry.
Medals can SOMETIMES freeze the game when using Google Chrome... (but a lot of times not) Please report if you encounter such problem. Thanks!
Thanks to YeOldeGamer and Jess-the-Dragoon for testing.
The game can be easy for some people, especially up to level 10 or 12. But after that, it should get more challenging.

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I just came back to Newgrounds to check some games and I've found this! Is a really great puzzle game. I liked how the ninjas come out that ink/smoke (I haven't figured out what it really is yet XD) and the rewarding soundtrack after the headaches (Y) It is a puzzle game but feels different from the other, in a good way, of course. S2

josh-tamugaia responds:


I've been testing the game but I never took time to review it for you. So if you want my advice, this is really one of the best puzzle game concepts we an find right now, and that's real cool ;)

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks YeOldeGamer!

This game has a promising concept and is pretty interesting for a puzzle game. The problem is in the theme, if you made a Ninja-Action game that would work well, but Ninjas and puzzle games don't go well together, and there are very limited mechanics to this puzzle game. I would say, if you want to make more puzzle games, i suggest you change the theme and add plenty of mechanics to the game to make it interesting.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for the opinion and advice.

While not a particularly bad puzzle game, the theme of the game is perplexingly unfitting.
I see you attempted to make sense of it but reading the first sentence description of this game after playing it makes me feel like you uploaded the wrong file. I'm not playing as a Ninja Captain. I'm not on a mission. I'm not destroying a Samurai Pagoda. I'm making poorly placed cannons (at least that's what I think they are) shoot themselves somehow by slashing at them.

Between the disconnect of the theme, and the unengaging puzzles (Sorry but I got bored of this game after 7 levels. Way too easy.) I have to rate this game poorly. I would give more points for art, but the art is only good in the UI. The game itself has art that is particularly unlike the rest of the game. Watching the title screen and the transitions made me think the art was going to be flowly and emotional, but the game art itself is psuedo-3D and robotic almost.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for the review and I am sorry my inferior game design and development skills are insufficient to please someone that is experienced in this field, such as yourself. I do realize I cannot please everybody but I'll definitely try harder next time to make my games more "unperplexing" and "fitting", so even those who get bored easily will still not lose interest. Maybe I can use some of your games as reference. Also, thank you for one star. I appreciate it too. ;)

I love it! Level 17 is kicking my butt, lol

Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2014
7:06 PM EDT