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The deal of the gods

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The adventures of Alexia continues in the sequel of the successful game Alexia Crow and the cave of heroes. In this episode her destiny will be revealed and she will need to defeat Typhoon, the most fierce monster of the ancient Greek.

New original puzzles and a deep story meet in this unique point and click adventure. Do you want to be part of this epic adventure?

Front page!! WOw! Many thanks Tom! and everybody for your support!

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This is a pretty much underrated game. Artwork is amazing and the puzzles were pretty interesting. Bueno, the player need some patience to mobilize some brain power in order to solve them. Josepho, you and your friend did a great job in all the three parts. Many thanks for upload!

The crystals made absolutely ZERO sense, even after looking at the walkthrough, it's annoying because I didn't find any possible sense about the correct order, why's that, what was the point of the red and glowing crystals changing chaotically with a single edit I did in a color? It's like there was an encryption to the color code that was unavailable to the user, like brute force password cracking, dude this is not how you make puzzles, you give a hint or a subtle information for you to use in your favor, the red/glowing thing had no information in it, just chaotic data printing. Sorry for the long explanation, but you lost a star because of this last part.

In other hand I loved everything else, especially the sisters of fate story thingy.

I loved the storyline, and the puzzles were just the right mix of challenge for my taste, BUT...

The interface seems quite clunky, compared to the first one... touch zones are small, some texts pops up after it is no longer relevant, and the flash window seems to have shrunk with this version. Pan the picture about to see the edges was fun & smooth in the 1st version, but didn't always pan all the way to the edges in this one. (I played it without the3D effect... which would have made the problem worse, it seems.) It made inspecting the art for clues frustrating.
The multi-screen maze with the icon that kept getting stuck on walls, dropped by the mouse icon or entirely off-screen was particularly infuriating and nearly reason enough to quit.
So, 5 stars for game design and art, -2 for making the fine old interface worse.

This was making my eyes spin. Just working the close and trying to get around to understanding how the handles worked just didn't work for me. This just isn't my kind of game.


-the puzzles are pretty fun
-Following the pieces of Greek mythos
-A balance of challenging and easier puzzles

-Story line*
-Like the first game i felt the message box stayed up too long, but that's opinion
-much less direction than the first game.
-The first game was vague but there would have been enough clues to explain why the Minotaur's labyrinth was randomly there and was the final puzzle with no reason or a hint of the color rock solution

*Story... I liked the original game, and most of this game. I was expecting the monster to steal the last piece however the secret facility... just killed it for me. the puzzles made no sense to me, the random time travel and fake mythology was confusing. I am hoping for a better explanation if there is a third game, but i will have my doubts now.

Josepho responds:

Hi, yes, it will be a third part that will explain everything and will be the epic conclusion, hope you liked it!